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The 2002 PIJAC Queensland Aquarium Fish and Reptile Show was held over the weekend 6-7 July 2002 at the RNA Showground in Brisbane. As this was the first large show of its type ever held in Brisbane the show overall was a big success.

The Australian Discus Association was represented at the Show, with a display booth and fish supplied by two of their members Walter Murphy and Allan Clark who also manned the ADA booth. Special thanks to Wal Murphy from the Gold Coast who handled most of the logistics for the ADA display. New membership to the club and a lot of enquiries on the keeping of Discus were had over the two days of the show. Trevor Parkes, President of the ADA and one of the committee members, Peter Ng came up from Sydney to help with the booth as well.

There was a Fish Competition held in conjuction with the show with over 216 entries of all types of fish, placed in their different classes. In the Discus class there were more than 40 entries of different strains and the quality of the fish was good.

The placings for the Discus Class were:

1st Place Orange Spotted Pigeon Allan Clark

2nd Place Blue Diamond Peter Ng

3rd Place Blue Diamond Allan Clark

4th Place Solid Red Henry Buchegger

Overall it was a great success and now planning for the Sydney Show is underway.

Now in regards to the persons in the pics, the Group 1 pic there is me on the left, Peter NG in the middle and Trevor Parkes, President of the ADA on the right.

The chap sitting down in the second pic is Wal Murphy, an ADA member from the Gold Coast who did most of the work with the logistics for the ADA display.

Here below some other entry's

Red Spotted Snake Skin

Wals entry

Ada Stand

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