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Hello All,

I have it so busy these days and everything is so exiting that I have to write something down.
I am going now for the 3rd time to Germany to see a discus championship show, but this time everything is different. 
Why? Well, because at the other 2 events I was only looking around and making photographs and this year we are working hard to get it all done live on the internet. And I can tell you how difficult that is.....
Not enough telephone lines and when you have one it is not working hahahaha all troubles and nothing else than troubles.
After some hours we got 1 webcam running and it has now 29-09-200 a failure because someone (let us say mister or miss X) has unplugged some things in a running computer..... So we have to reinstall everything tomorrow to get it online again and hopefully all other telephone lines are also working so we can get the other 2 webcams working.

There is not only bad news from the show.... Wow what a organization! I looked respectfully at Mr. Zajac and Mr. Hombrighausen, they are working long days with a great crew around them.

When we walked around there yesterday (28-09-2000) we where looking at a big mess, many people where working on their booths to get everything ready before the show's start and what a lot of tanks! In past years I never saw so many tanks in the exhibition room.

We have already met many experts and yeah, they are also people you can talk with and
ask questions which they answer! So you all have to take the chance to come over and have the time of your life.

We will try to give complete reports of everything we see and do there and with whom we have spoken..........

We were there only one day for a first impression and I hope that the upcomming days will be as good as this one.

Walter & Fons

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