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Hello Discus friends,

Great news about the 3rd International Discus Championship Duisburg 2000.

We have made an agreement with our new sponsor:


This firm has offered us some space at their "internet cafe". In this stand you can find NINE online Internet computers and a great coffeebar. This means you can look at the Internet, and drink a very good espresso while being at the show.

This is how the "ZOOPLUS" stand looks

It sounds very sad for those who can't come, but for those people we've got another big surprise.
We will place at this show 3 WEBCAMS. That means that everyone around the world will see what's happening in Germany.

The refresh rate will be every 8 seconds so you can see this event really live. We're going to install the webcams on Wednesday 27th September, so you can see the building of this event.

The Masters:

Fons van der Hart (DaH).
Walter Soestbergen (DPH)

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