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The Judges

Up to now we have 8 judges:


Dato Dr. Lim (Malaysia
Johnny Jip (Hong Kong)
Steven Yeung (Thailand)
Dr. Sun (Singapore)
Annie de Maesschalck (Belgium)
Roger Herrmanns (luxembourg)
Bing Seto (U.S.A.)

One judge will be the visitors choice. At the last championship we had a trophy for the "most superior discus chosen by public". The fish was second place in the whole competition! For this reason we decided for the Championship 2000 to give the visitors a full participation as one judge.

And we are proud to present Mr. Bernd Degen (Germany) as the Chairman of the jury. He will be responsible for the course of the championship and the coordination of the judges.

The Competition system:

The most difficult thing making a championchip is a truely fair and honest judging. In this year we have 7 (8 with the public) judges who have to judge about 500 fish during one day. Each fish should be judged by all judges to be fair to to every fish taking part. There will be a prejudging for all fish because we have to pick out those, which never had a change to win. That saves time and energy so that the judges can do a good and fair judging for the fish in the final round.

The computersystem will work in this year without a multiplication  in the various parameters such as eye, color, body shape ..... This is fair and equal to all fish and the judging experts must know that for example a wild green fish with a good body shape must get a better ranking that a heckel discus.

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