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Mon: Dieter Untergasser

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Session Start: Mon Oct 02 10:59:12 2000 

[11:00] <Walter> Good morning Barrie
[11:02] <Barrie> Hi Dieter
[11:03] <Dieter> Hello Barrie
[11:03] <Barrie> I took your advice last night and increased the conductivity of my pairs. Is it all right to do this quickly?
[11:03] <robc> guten morgen walter barrie and dieter
[11:04] <fred> Hello everyone
[11:04] <Dieter> Hello
[11:05] <robc> this is mister Dieter Untergasser you mean ??
[11:05] <Dieter> :-)
[11:05] <Dieter> yes
[11:05] <robc> well hello there :)
[11:05] <Dieter> hello
[11:06] <Barrie> Dieter what are your thoughts on some of the live foods for black worms, daphnia, etc.
[11:06] <robc> ok first question then :) when we speak about discus are there 2 species like s.aquifascatus and s. discus or possibly more ?
[11:11] <Dieter> it is not sure because at this time they are working to to see if there are more - maybe next year I can answer this question, but not now
[11:12] <Dieter> as of now there is only one species for sure
[11:15] <robc> what would be the name of the only species then ?
[11:17] <Dieter> that is really not my area Rob - I am into fish diseases
[11:17] <robc> oops, sorry :)
[11:17] <Dieter> Mr. Goebel would be the person to ask that question to
[11:17] <Dieter> :-)
[11:17] <robc> ok, illness question then ?
[11:18] <Dieter> yes, please

On the left site Manfred Göbel, middle Stefanie Heun and on the right side Dieter Untergasser

[11:19] <robc> ty when they speak about internal flagellates they almost always say that you have to raise the temp and ad salt in certain amounts but would it not be easier to raise the kH ? should have the same effect 
[11:25] <Barrie> Dieter do you make up your own beefheart mixture for your discus? What should we include to supply a good balanced diet?
[11:26] <Dieter> no, not the same effect - infection of flagellates is normal in fish intestines and the multiplying of flagellates is caused by using improper foods and so treatment by raising temp to 33 c is helpful to reduce the quantity of flagellates in the intestines
[11:28] <robc> speed up the metabolism is the best then ?
[11:28] <Dieter> often cause a large quantity of flagellates in the intestines and inflammation of the intestine walls oh, and the fish cannot digest the foods very well. Following; the fish get deficiency problems and hole in the head disease so it is not possible to treat this by raising the carbonate hardness and it is necessary to give fish a mixture of minerals and trace elements in the water
[11:32] <robc> thanks :) so in fact HITH is caused by malnutrition?
[11:33] <Dieter> not only malnutrition but also lack of minerals and trace elements in the water and vitamins in the food this is hole in the head disease
[11:34] <robc> yes I know :) which vitamins are the most important ? and which trace elements ?
[11:35] <Dieter> mixture of vitamins which you can get in the pet stores and there you can get mixtures of minerals and trace elements
[11:36] <robc> ah, are fibbers important ?
[11:36] <Dieter> I developed a mineral salt which contains all the minerals and trace elements the fish need and even we have a mixture of vitamins to add to the food. The name is Fishtamin
[11:38] <robc> would it be amiable in Holland ???
[11:39] <Dieter> yes, they are available in Holland in fish stores
[11:38] <Barrie> Does this vitamin mix remain viable when the food is frozen first?
[11:38] <Dieter> yes, fibers are important you can feed them flake food and granulated foods I feed about 60% dry food and 40% food with like frozen - red blood worms and so on the best is to add it to the granulated food because it absorbs liquid
[11:40] <robc> so, when like me, we feed a 100 % (different kinds) of frozen foods it is better to always add vitamins ?
[11:41] <Dieter> yes, Rob, absolutely because they lack vitamins
[11:41] <robc> even the different kind of shrimps ??
[11:43] <robc> and earth worms ??
[11:44] <Tony> Good Morning gentlemen
[11:46] <Tony> Nice to talk to you Dieter ;-)
[11:48] <Dieter> yes, before you feed it is very helpful to drop the vitamins onto the shrimps and earthworms
[11:48] <juan> Rm. Dieter, What is the best day, in your opinion, to separate the pair from the fry? (day 15, 20, 30...)..Thanks
[11:49] <robc> ok, thanks for your time mister Untergasser :)
[11:49] <Dieter> when they are healthy and free of parasites, then they can be taken off in 3 weeks without any problems. Parents which have problems with parasites,
[11:50] <Dieter> thank you for your questions Robc
[11:51] <juan> and when must I feed with frozen food and not with artemia...?
[11:51] <robc> ok :)
[11:51] <Tony> Sorry Guys, got to go.......break is over :-(
[11:52] <Tony> Nice to meet you Dieter ;-)
[11:52] *** Tony has left #dphnet
[11:52] <Dieter> I give artemia minimum two weeks, then frozen adult artemia - the fish take parts of the artemia for nutrition and I give, after the second week, frozen dried cyclops and small granulated food
[11:54] <robc> gotta go :) bye chaps !!
[11:57] <juan> What is better for you: granulated food of SERA or TETRA?
[12:04] <Dieter> SERA definitely
[11:54] <Barrie> Dieter, what about foods like black worms? Are they dangerous or not?
[12:03] <Dieter> answer coming
[12:04] <Dieter> black mosquito larva or black worms?
[12:05] <Dieter> Barrie, do you mean black mosquito larva
[12:06] <juan> "mosquito" is Spanish...:-))
[12:06] <fred> He meant black worms, the California "black worms" of the tubifex family
[12:07] <Dieter> it is no problem to feed black mosquito larva - yes, you can feed them when they are free of parasites but I prefer additional to the worms, to feed larva of insects
[12:11] <Dieter> goodbye my hour is up -Horst will be here at 4:00pm our time
[12:11] <Walter> Thanks again Dieter for your time here

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