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Sat: Julia Mann

Sat: Julia Mann
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Session Start: Tue Sep 30 13:47:56 2000
[12:45] <Barrie> Hi Julia
[12:45] <Walter> So Julia is in now so please ask your questions.
[12:46] <juan> Hi Julia. Its possible to make a summary of your lecture?
[12:47] <Julia> The lecture outline will be on line here soon.
[12:47] <Barrie> Julia how are you involved in discus?
[12:49] <Julia> I have been breeding discus for about 12 years. I have traveled throughout the world and have judged Aquarama and Singapore International championship.
[12:48] <juan> Julia, what is your favorite class of discuss?
[12:49] <Julia> My favorite class is Solid blue and pigeon blood.
[12:48] <juan> And why?
[12:50] <Julia> The blue are the most beautiful to me and the pigeon blood is the most varied.
[12:50] <juan> Julia, where you from?
[12:50] <Julia> I am from the USA
[12:51] <Barrie> What did you think of the standard of discus here?
[12:52] <Julia> The standard here is the best ever that they have had at this show.

In our first chat on Saturday we got Julia Mann.

[12:52] <Barrie> And has there been an improvement do you think?
[12:52] <juan> What do you think of Asian discus ?
[12:55] <Julia> I really admire the Asian Discus. The Asians have excellent water conditions and they breed some of the best discus in the world. They have the largest gene pool to work with and the quality of their fish often equals their livelihood. I love the Asian fish and do import many when I return from my trips.
[12:53] <Barrie> What are the main things you look for in a discus when you judge?
[12:56] <Julia> The main quality I look for is an attractive, healthy, very round fish. If you do not have the shape then the color is only a covering.
[12:57] <Barrie> Julia, do you have a big hatchery yourself at home?
[12:58] <Julia> I have over 2,500 gallons which is about 95% discus. This is about 65 tanks.
[12:58] <Barrie> And what are the main colours you work with?
[13:00] <Julia> I have many pigeon bloods and pigeon blood crosses. I am working with the solid white discus which only about 2 people now have. I also work with turquoise and the regular strains of solid blue fish.
[13:05] <Julia> When I said only 2 people have the white discus I was referring to the USA. There are several others in Asia.
[12:59] <Barrie> Do you have a web page so we can see your hatchery?
[13:00] <fred> Barrie, from DPH , she is a sponsor Blue Moon Discus.
[12:59] <Pascal> Why did you make the discus fish to your hobby?
[13:06] <Julia> I chose Discus as my hobby because I love the fish and the people around the world who I have met through the hobby.
[13:00] <juan> The solid blue MUST to have the red eyes? :-(
[13:07] <Julia> The blue discus dose have to have the red eyes but I think it is more attractive.
[13:08] <juan> What is the typical definition of solid blue discus ?
[13:08] <juan> Very good solid blue, of course.:-)
[13:09] <Julia> A discus that is totally blue in color, although they may have striations on their head and fins at times.
[13:09] <Julia> A very good solid blue will have no striations.
[13:09] <Barrie> Julia, what do you believe is the most important factor in successfully breeding discus?
[13:11] <Julia> Selecting the best breeding stock you can afford. Then you give the fish the best conditions of their water.
[13:11] <Barrie> Julia, when rearing up babies do you keep them in harder water than the adults?
[13:13] <Julia> I try to keep the fry in harder water, at least 200 microseimons if possible.
[13:12] <JeFF> Julia ... ow ic ... I guess that's pretty good.
[13:12] <Pascal> Julia, do you have some of your discus in the championship?
[13:12] <Julia> The competition has a few problems but overall the competition in the discus classes is good.
[13:13] <Julia> I have 2 fish in the competition but they did not place :-(
[13:12] <juan> It's good to cross solid blue with pigeon blood? Is this a horror?
[13:15] <Julia> Solid blue with pigeon blood makes very attractive fish generally. With pigeon blood though, you get many variations.
[13:15] <JeFF> Regarding hardness... won't the sudden change in hardness shock the fry if I transfer the fry from the parent tank to grow out tanks?
[13:16] <Julia> It is not a great shock because I start hardening the water when the fry are on the parents backs.
[13:17] <Pascal> Julia, what do you think about planted discus tanks?
[13:18] <Julia> I prefer bare bottomed tanks with the number of tanks I keep but I love planted tanks, I just do not have the time to keep them properly.
[13:18] <Barrie> Do you naturally raise all fry Julia or some artificial ?
[13:19] <Julia> I only raise discus with the parents, fry on their backs. I do not have time for artificial raising. If the discus will not carry its fry I get rid of the fish or put them with another to try again.
[13:18] <juan> Julia,do you have wild discus? Do you raise?
[13:21] <Julia> I worked with wild alenquers for many years and still try to outcross to good wild stock. I think the outcross to wild stock is very important.
[13:20] <Pascal> how many tanks do you have and do you raise discus as full job?
[13:22] <Julia> I have over 65 tanks and my "real" job is as an Attorney at law.
[13:22] <Pascal> Thanx.
[13:23] <Pascal> How many times do you think discus can be inbred before they get to many problems?
[13:24] <Julia> I would not inbreed for more than 2 generations without an outcross. I think line breeding is a safer tool than inbreeding.
[13:23] <JeFF> Does pH affect the number of eggs laid and number of eggs hatched ?
[13:25] <Julia> I do not think pH affects the eggs if it is between 5.5 and 7.5. I think the water hardness is more important.
[13:25] <Barrie> What pH and conductivity do you use for your breeders?
[13:27] <Julia> I keep my breeders around 6.0 -7.5. I do not adjust the pH as long as it is within the general range. My breeders are at about 100-150 microseimons.
[13:27] <Pascal> Now the last, a bit of a difficult question: which is general for all fishes. Do you think that it is ethically tenable to breed so many not natural strains only for our human pleasure?
[13:30] <Julia> I think that there is plenty of room for both the "natural" and the bred forms of fish. I do not believe in breeding the greatly mutated forms with abnormal body shape or totally different than they are normally - such as extreme high body. I have no problems with different color forms. It is changing the body to an extreme that I do not condone.
[13:32] <Pascal> Ok thank you very much.
[13:31] <Barrie> Julia do you use RO water for your breeders?
[13:32] <Julia> I am fortunate that I do not have to use RO water very often with the breeders. If I do need to change the water for breeding then RO is my choice.
[13:31] <juan> I am going to disconnect. Julia, thank you very much and congratulation from Canary Island:-)))
[13:33] <Vincent> Julia what do you breed like color forms?
[13:34] <Julia> I like pigeon bloods, turquoise and some reds also. I cross a lot of pigeon bloods. I am also working with solid white discus.
[13:36] <Julia> Thank you to all the DPH people in the Chat Room. I enjoyed answering the questions and hope to meet everyone in person at a future time.
[13:37] <Walter> Julia, also thanks for joining us here.

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