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Session Start: Mon Oct 02 16:03:31 2000

[16:04] <Walter> Welcom in our chat room Horst. 
[16:05] <Walter> My Pigeon Blood pair are spawning frequently.  The eggs hatch and become free swimming.  After that the fry swim aimlessly and do not feed from the body of the parents and die after two or three days. What should I do to sustain them.
[16:06] <fred> Hello Horst, Hello Walter.
[16:07] <Walter> Hello Fred
[16:07] <Horst> hello Fred
[16:11] <Horst> this is happening quite frequently with Asian-type discus fish. You can try to suck them out and blow them on the back of the parents - this must be done frequently. An alternative  would be to suck out all the fry and try to feed them artifically without parents but this must be done frequently  and is more difficult
[16:14] <fred> Horst, I know you worked very hard trying to establish a English edition of Discus Brief, is there any chance for another try in the future?
[16:15] <Horst> If you and others are willing to help me, yes
[16:15] <juan> Hello to all. Hello Mr. Kohler
[16:15] <Horst> hello Juan
[16:15] <fred> How can we help?
[16:19] <Horst> by contacting me and of course, there must be someone in the US willing to produce and distribute the magazine. I can only produce the articles and illustrations
[16:21] <fred> Horst, thank you.
[16:19] <juan> one question: What is the principal reason of bad fins in the fry? About 10% of my first fry has bad Fins. Thanks
[16:21] <Horst> that is not a bad percentage - I've heard of 50% or more and the principal reason is bad water
[16:23] <Walter> who furnishes all of the equipment for the breeders (tanks, booths, heaters, etc.).
[16:24] <Horst> the organizers of the show do all of this - not the breeders
[16:25] <Walter> how do all of these breeders that are at the show leave all of there fish at there hatcheries with out them attending to them, feeding water changes etc, thanks DR.SUMO 
[16:27] <Horst> they have wives or helpers that do that I imagine - friends, etc. Besides this, it is not very common here in Germany to exchange the water daily as in Asia
[16:25] <fred> Horst, which discus strains do you find breed "truest" ? ( produce fry as a "fixed strain" )
[16:26] <Horst> normally striated and the turq discus
[16:27] <Walter> How do you keep your young fish in a healthy condition ? What I mean is, do you use any medications regularly to keep young discus healthy during their growing-up stage until they become adults ? 
[16:29] <Horst> I use only medication if there is indication of disease. In most cases, I give a sample of feces for evaluation to find out if it is a worm feces or flagellates
[16:29] <Walter> How do you create a new strain? how long? inline breeding? can you elaborate?
[16:33] <Horst> I am not creating any new strain right now because I must concentrate on publishing my magazine and this activity leaves little time to establish new strains
[16:33] <Horst> new strains, rather
[16:33] <fred> Horst, what news can you tell us of the genetic research into the classification of discus species?
[16:36] <Horst> I am not a specialist on this subject - maybe Julia Mann could better answer that question.

Also Horst K?hler was in the chat, sitting in the middle.

[16:36] <fred> Horst, ok, thank you.
[16:35] <Walter> what sources do you use to obtain your own new breeding stock?
[16:37] <Horst> both captive bred and wild caught discus fish from good breeders is what I use to obtain new breeding stock
[16:35] <juan> Mr. Kohler, what kind of discus do you think is the BEST Discus? and WHY? (form, colors, genetic...). Thank
[16:39] <Horst> My favorite discus is the Red Turq discus or the spotted fish. There is no "best" discus, this is only a matter of opinion. I like them best because of their colors and because the breeding success is easier to achieve with this variation than with some Asian-type strains  especially blue diamond it is difficult to get fry without problems Obviously, the spectacular colorations deteriorates and this is not the case with the Red Turqs
[16:44] <juan> The Red Color is the champion in the Duisburg Contest this year, ?no? What do you Think of this?
[16:45] <Horst> it's really a wonderful fish - this fish was also the favorite of the visitors here so they came to the same conclusion as the judges.
[16:48] <fred> Horst, what do you see for the future of collecting discus from the Amazon?
[16:50] <Horst> I was there around Easter to sort out the possibilities of the reader's trip of my magazine to the Amazon, but in the moment it is difficult to catch and export fish from Brazil without having the necessary papers IBAMA is very strict against hobbyists at the moment but I hope the situation will improve in the near future. Last year 5 German discus hobbyists were even arrested and fined so I decided to cancel a group trip to Brazil. If you go to Brazil you need to have someone in this country who helps you with the authorities.  At the moment, it might be a better idea to go to Peru if you want to catch and take with you discus fish but it is okay if you observe only the river systems without catching fish. yeah, and the paperwork really kills initiative to go to this country even if you measure only the ph in the water it can be interrupted as a scientific measure and this is not allowed without a scientist from Brazil.
[16:48] <Tony> Afternoon Gentlemen
[16:49] <juan> Mr. Kohler, I cannot continue on this chat, thank very much for your answers. :-)))
[16:54] <Tony> Horst, is there any danger that the Discus may become extinct in the wild ??
[16:57] <Horst> Tony, not due to occasional fishing by hobbyists. If discus populations are endangered it is due to other reasons like de-forestation, poisoning of the water,mercury by the gold-washer
[16:57] <Tony> TY Horst.
[16:57] <Tony> Guys I must go :-(
[16:58] <Discus-Hans> CU Tony
[16:58] <fred> Bye Tony
[16:58] <Tony> TY Horst for your time and nice chatting to you ;-)
[16:54] <fred> Horst, where do you see the price of wild discus going? ( how much higher)
[16:58] <Horst> Fred, here at the show captive-bred fish are much higher priced than wild fish. The reason is that offspring of wild fish are very difficult to find customers for.
[16:59] <Discus-Hans> and that is a pity I think
[16:59] <Horst> yes, it is
[16:59] <fred> Thank you Horst.
[17:00] <fred> What are the trends in the discus market ?
[17:01] <Horst> What do you mean by "trends"? Coloration, prices, number of hobbyists or what?
[17:02] <fred> Horst, sorry, yes the overall growth of the hobby.
[17:05] <Horst> I would say provided there was no commercial crises, the discus hobby will attract more friends and events like this year in Duisburg might even accelerate this trend. However, discus fish are not among the most frequently-bought of ornamental fish due to the prices but I hope there will be more hobbyists in the years to come.
[17:07] <fred> What pattern of coloration popularity have you observed over your time in the hobby.
[17:12] <juan> Is Mr. Kohler on-line?
[17:12] <fred> yes
[17:12] <Horst> 20 years ago the brown discus was the most favored discus in Europe and this was followed by the haraldi strain, a more colorful blue discus. Afterwards, it was Turq variations achieved by line breeding and the Red Turq. Attractive also were the solid strains like solid blue, solid green and solid red. More recently, the spotted discus achieves most of the attractions. From Southeast Asia, the Pigeon Blood broke barriers towards even more spectra
[17:16] <fred> Horst, are the brown discus of 20 years ago still seen in Europe?
[17:17] <Horst> Unfortunately not because breeders do not succeed to sale the young ones so they give away the parents.
[17:18] <fred> What direction would you like the hobby to go in?
[17:20] <Horst> less professional and more honest
[17:20] <juan> ohhh, very good ...
[17:20] <Discus-Hans> and better quality?
[17:21] <Horst> I agree
[17:23] <fred> Horst, over the years, have you seen a change in the size of adult discus?
[17:24] <Horst> I think no because in the past I saw really big discus fish
[17:24] <juan> I think that the principal problem is the information. It is difficult to access to this, and the people don't know how to use. Internet is going to help us on this. All I know of discus is by Internet. Do you think that is the best way to learn ?
[17:25] <juan> sorry, my English..:-((
[17:27] <Horst> I can not answer this question because this is my first experience with the possibility the Internet offers. I was publishing diskusbrief since 15 years now and I think I could reach many serious hobbyists before Internet was available. Print media and Internet are supplementing each other.
[17:28] <Discus-Hans> Sorry I've to go, Mr. Kohler thanks for your time
[17:29] <juan> thank you Mr. Kohler.
[17:32] <juan> Mr. Kohler, do you think to send Discusbrief by Internet?. No buy only, I want to read. Of course, and I pay for this.
[17:35] <Horst> Juan, this could be a possibility but it must be ensured that translation costs are being covered somehow
[17:32] <MrDiskus> I was in Duisburg today and I have bought 10 Red Leopards from Mr. Kitty - really great Discus!!!!!! yeaaah
[17:35] <fred> Horst, you said you have been publishing DB for 15 years, may I ask how you started with discus and with Discus Brief?
[17:39] <Horst> it started when I decided to publish a basic rules for successful keeping and breeding of discus for my customers who came into my house to buy offspring. I had the plan to set up a 2 page letter, which is the English name for "Brief" but the first issue of this letter was already 24 pages and turned out to be a small magazine. That's how it started and in the first few months I only had 30 subscribers. Within the years the magazine turned in
[17:43] <juan> Mr. Kohler, Have you a Web page in Internet?
[17:43] <fred> Mr. Kohler, thank you very much for answering questions that I know you have answered in Discus Brief, but here in California it is almost impossible to find.
[17:45] <Walter> Last question and then we are closing the chat room sorry
[17:45] <juan> that all right. Mr. Kohler, thank very much of one discus fan...
[17:45] <Horst> I thought you meant at my home - discusbrief web page address is
[17:46] <fred> Your views on planted discus tanks, please.
[17:47] <Horst> perhaps not for beginners but for more advanced discus hobbyists it is the better alternative than sterile tanks with only the fish in the tank. It is because from the optical point of view, planted tanks are much nicer.
[17:48] <fred> Thank you for your time!
[17:49] <Horst> Thank you all for let me see how internet is working I had a great time
[17:50] <Walter> Horst thank you for joining here.

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