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Tue: Bernd Degen

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Session Start: Tue Oct 03 12:07:18 2000

[12:08] <Walter> Welcome in our chat room Mr. Bernd Degen
[12:09] <Walter> You can ask questions now 
[12:09] <juan> Hello Rm. Degen
[12:09] <charliem> Gday Bernd from down under
[12:10] <Vincent> Hello Bernd
[12:10] <Bernd> Good morning to you all
[12:11] <Vincent> Bernd, what do you think about different winners of the show
[12:12] <Bernd> I feel the show was perfectly organized and I took care of judging and the results (to me) were perfect. For example,  the Best in Show was also chosen by the public (also the public's favorite).
[12:12] <Walter> Welche ist Ihre Lieblings-Diskusart?
[12:13] <Walter> Wohin denken Sie, werden die verschiedenen Diskusfarb-Kreuzungen sich weiterentwickeln, ich meine wird jetzt immer noch so sehr die Rote Farbe angestrebt oder wird sich diese Tendenz vielleicht einmal wandeln?
[12:14] <Bernd> My favorites are always Red Turqs. At the moment, the favorite color is still red.
[12:15] <Bernd> but of course, time will always change the favorites
[12:15] <Vincent> Bernd, what do you think about wild categories, specially the green
[12:17] <Bernd> Wild discus are a very special fish and it's very interesting to keep them because in behavior they are very different from other fish. In the green discus we find a lot of interesting colors for inbreeding
[12:18] <juan> What do you think of the green winner of this year specially?
[12:18] <Vincent> Bernd, in the green category the winner (Gobel's discus) is different if you compare with 2nd , 3rd... what is the generation of this fish?
[12:19] <juan> its the same question. :-)))
[12:20] <Bernd> The fish belongs to Mr. Gobel - for a long time, a very famous breeder and it was a high-quality discus.

Bernd Degen gave some great answers

[12:21] <Barrie> Gday all
[12:21] <charliem> Brenda the fish that won grand champion was that strain developed in Penang or some other Asian country
[12:24] <Bernd> Vincent, I don't know the generation of the fish. Charliem, developed in Penang but it spread very fast to Thailand and other countries
[12:26] <Barrie> Bernd how do you prepare your water for breeding pairs?
[12:29] <Bernd> Barrie, about 80 to 100 m, ph below 6.5
[12:27] <Vincent> Bernd, do you think that it is a good thing to give prices to professionals (like EPISE who sells "Wayne discus" from Hong Kong)
[12:30] <Bernd> Vincent, why not - we do so in sports and everywhere else - the hobbyists do not have the chance to develop so many new strains as the professionals have so the discus life would be much more poorer for everyone
[12:31] <juan> What do you think for development of discus hobby to use the new technology (Internet)? had you used this chats in other occasions?
[12:33] <Bernd> Juan, yes, it's easier to communicate and to show your fish to other people. Maybe it's a good possibility to sell the fish by Internet.
[12:32] <Vincent> Bernd, is it very difficult to find wild Discus of high quality actually. Where can I find that?
[12:33] <Bernd> Vincent, where are you from?

[12:32] <charliem> Bernd do most of the new strains come out of Asian countries?
[12:35] <Bernd> Charliem, yes, of course, they do
[12:35] <Bernd> Vincent, tell me where you are from so I can help you with your question
[12:37] <Vincent> I am French (south west), but it is impossible to find good wild discus in France. Maybe in Germany or Belgium?
[12:39] <Bernd> Vincent, in Belgium, from Erik Hustinx - email Walter and he will give you the email address to get some
[12:41] <Vincent> Bernd, thanks for your help
[12:41] <Bernd> you are welcome Vincent
[12:37] <juan> what do you think of wild discus that is produced of Brazil and Colombia?
[12:38] <Bernd> Juan, Most wild fish come from Brazil and there are some very specialized exporters that can supply some very high quality discus
[12:40] <juan> The Blue winner is a wild Namunda River discus, no? It is a wild discus, no? Do you Know?
[12:41] <Bernd> they said it's a Namunda discus but who knows?
[12:44] <charliem> Bernd how long have you been keeping discus fish
[12:44] <juan> what do you think is the best time for to separated the pair of your fry ? (day 15, 20, 30) and Why?
[12:46] <Bernd> Charliem, 28 years - since 1972. Juan, some professionals separate after 7days in case of disease transfer from parent to young. This is special cases, the regular way is usually 3-4 weeks
[12:44] <fred> Can you tell me about the genetic testing on discus that is trying to establish how many species of discus there is?
[12:48] <Bernd> This is a never ending story in the fish business - for hobbyists it is not so important but I myself hate when they change scientific names every year and confuse hobbyists and pet stores
[12:48] <juan> the babies with bad fin (one month) are bad discus forever? are there techniques to regenerate this?
[12:49] <Barrie> Bernd do you find that different color types of discus require different conditions to successfully spawn or do they all require much the same?
[12:50] <Bernd> Juan, more or less, they are lost. Barrie, they require much the same, only the heckles are more sensitive in low pH's and soft water.
[12:49] <Tony> Bernd, I would just like to say that I enjoyed your book "The proper care of Discus" very much ;-)
[12:50] <Bernd> thank you Tony
[12:53] <Barrie> Every now and again I see baby discus with a curve in their spine where it joins the tail. I don't think it is genetic because I have seen it in fry from more than one pair. Could this be some sort of vitamin deficiency?
[12:53] <Bernd> mostly it is a ph problem too high or too low will do this
[12:54] <Barrie> What should I aim at?
[12:55] <Bernd> Barrie, for raising, best is between 6.5 and 7.0
[12:55] <Barrie> Thanks....that's what I aim at.
[12:54] <juan> I am very far of the professional discus and I don't know, what is the principal business in this world : the discus sell or knowledge sell?
[12:58] <Bernd> Juan, I like to sell knowledge - no water changes, no diseases, no feedings :-)
[12:56] <charliem> Bernd does it matter if the ph is say 7.8 for growing up fish
[12:58] <Bernd> Charliem, no, it doesn't matter
[12:58] <charliem> thanks Bernd
[12:57] <Barrie> I have chloramine in our tap water which I use for fry. In the end this chloramine eventually gets converted to nitrate , through the nitrogen cycle. What effect does high nitrates have on the growth of fish? How can I help this situation?
[13:01] <Bernd> high nitrates affects the growing of the fish. Use charcoal in the filter - will help
[13:04] <fred> Bernd, what do you see for the future of the discus hobby?
[13:05] <Bernd> I hope everything is fine in the future because the discus is a very strong part of my life and I want to keep it for the rest of my life.
[13:04] <charliem> Bernd l use charcoal in my storage tank should l have in the tank also or just the storage tank will do
[13:06] <Bernd> storage tank will do Charliem
[13:04] <Barrie> What about the benefits versus the downside of feeding live food....example black worms?
[13:07] <Bernd> selected live foods is very good, like white worms - black worms are a perfect food but discus do not accept them well. the shells are a little too hard
[13:07] <Bernd> must go now - my time is up :)
[13:08] <Walter> Bernd, Thank you for answering the questions in our chatroom.

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