Duisburg 2000

Duisburg 2000

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23-12-2000 All chat sessions online
05-10-2000 Announcement

You can win till the end of the year a signed DPH 2001 calender. 
The following people have signed:

Julia Mann
Kitti Phana-itthi
Jack Wattley
Bing Seto
Johnny Yip
Bernd Degen
Dieter Untergasser
Horst Köhler
Manfred Göbel
Shaifullah Yeng

05-10-2000 Today all the Show Pictures has been replaced with better quality ones including 50 new ones.
04-10-2000 Today all the Winners pictures has been replaced with better quality ones
03-10-2000 So it will be the last day here for us many new pictures online  under show pictures
02-10-2000 Big News after the Show about the DPH Calendar 2001 I have 25 special ones signed with Famous names Like Mr. Kitti, Dieter Untergasser, Bing Seto, Manfred Gobel and many more
02-10-2000 Look now also at the show pictures there will be more then 100 online soon
01-10-2000 All 11 Categories online now!!!
01-10-2000 I am trying to update regulars the winners from this competition so click here for the WINNERS
01-10-2000 I am trying to update regulars the winners from this competition so click here for the WINNERS
30-09-2000 Second update First 50 pictures online more to come
30-09-2000 Hello Again :-)) one webcam working and we are getting als another one up so look withing 1 hour for the 2 webcams.
Also within 2 hours new pictures online
29-09-2000 First report from what we saw in Duisburg
29-09-2000 Webcam is down will be again online on Friday 30th
29-09-2000 For the fancier off Kitti discus there is good news, he brings in more then 1,300 Discus fish for his booth.
27-09-2000 See the first discus pictures
27-09-2000 First Impression from the Show and more to come
25-09-2000 Do you have a Question for one of the Discus Experts?
25-09-2000 505 tanks filled with Discus for the contest next weekend (isn't that great news!!!).
25-09-2000 The winner from 1998 Mr. Hiroshi Irie is coming again. Is he going again for first prize?????
25-09-2000 Also, Kitti Phana-itthi is at this show with many Discus fish. He has 100 boxes of Asian Discus fish with him.

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