Duisburg 2002

Duisburg 2002

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All chat sessions online


More and more chat sessions are coming online from now on :)


12-10-2002 Look under Chat sessions..... there you will see some pictures from people we spoke with in chat.  Text from these sessions will be soon available.

Regards Walter.


11-10-2002 Look under Meeting..... there you will see some pictures from people I spoke with. Unfortunally I lost a lot of pictures :( hope to get some of them back soon from other people to complete this section...

Regards Walter.

11-10-2002 Its me again :)

All tanks (503) are online now. When you see a name with a wrong picture please send me the corrections.

Soon Chatsessions and winner ceremony online.

Regards Walter.

10-10-2002 Its me again..... I will place this weekend (I try to do it) al pictures online. I am working now on the pages but they are with that many :( but most of them looked good.....

Regards Walter.

09-10-2002 Hello All,

I have not yet updated the page but will do that soon to place online all photo's.

Also I am gonna write down what we did in Germany and the good time we had there. So when I didn't mention your name till now don't worry I will be soon :)


Regards Walter.

04-10-2002 All Winners are online so you can Vote for the Internet People's choice.
04-10-2002 As you probably noticed there are some problems with updating the site but all is working every morning
04-10-2002 All winners online so you can vote
03-10-2002 More then 300 pictures online!!!!!!!
03-10-2002 On 2-10-2002 there where 6720 visitors at the show
02-10-2002 On Friday there will be an chatsession with Johnny Yip
02-10-2002 Already 120 pictures and a lot others to go but it is a lot of work to get everything online
02-10-2002 Put online first photo's from exhibition room and first discus pictures
02-10-2002 Friday there will be the first chat
02-10-2002 New online the first tanks and there will be more today.....

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