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Rare_Discus  guys, can you only ask one question at a time this time as Mr Zajac speaks no English and Karsten will translate the question then the answer before I can type it if you ask one at a time, it will make it much easier on us and will ensure each of your questions gets answered, ok?
Walter Hello Norbert nice to have you finally in our chatroom,

we have Mr. Zajac here, he is the organizer of the show and people are welcome to ask questions regarding organization and content of show 

Karsten Ok folks, but slowly
Norbert_Zajac first question please :-)
Walter please ask your questions
SLY how do you rate the show this year? the quality of discus and the prize winner a leopard snake again
Norbert_Zajac in my personal opinion, the quality is mostly the best available on the European market...and if the leopard snake wins it depends on the currently available fish on the market.. 
Norbert_Zajac I do not want to interfere with the judging but in my opinion, this fish is a real beauty 
Fons  Welcome Mr Zajac. What brought you to organize an event like this?
Norbert_Zajac Fons it's a long story: we exhibited on a show of our local discus club in the 90's and the club wasn't able to run this show anymore because of monetary matters and they asked me for help because we had a certain level for our shows and the dimension of our shows were bigger than what the club could ever manage, we took it over completely and this club is still exhibitor in this show
claus_zaenglein  and You sure have to be thanked for that :-) 
ivan Hello Mr zajac, how has the quality of the discus changed from other years enetred in the show?
SLY I don't get what you mean by the best available on the european market 
Norbert_Zajac on the first championship we had many entries from European blood lines...on the second and third championship this changed alot to the colored Asian bloodlines..and those did not suceed on the european market as the exhibitors would have liked it..and on this fourth show, the tendency goes back to the European bloodlines.... 
claus_zaenglein  which day the event was visited most? - which most poorly? 
Norbert_Zajac Claus most visitors we had on thursday (6,277), weakest day was friday (4,286) 
Andrew_DKing Since the discus are from around the world...what are the water parameters you use to show the discus at their best colouring?
Norbert_Zajac Andrew month before the show started, we decided on the water parameters and these were already published on the entry forms..the water is 300ms and ph of 7.0 plus or minus 5%
SLY  from the pictures of the fishes in the competition, some are not looking comfortable, what was the arrangement for benching?

Norbert_Zajac Sly the judging was up to the international standards and the judges were experienced enough to take into consideration that the fish might not be in the best water for himself
ivan What where the high points of this years show?
Norbert_Zajac Ivan the honoring to Jack Wattley for his life work and for sure the complete prize giving ceremony.
ivan  The man deserves it!!! 
jmdiscus Mr. Zajac: do you have Zajac Website in English? if not WHY??!!! :-)) 
Norbert_Zajac our page is at present is only available in german because the program behind it is single language right now but we will be online in all european languages over the next year...but nevertheless, if you have questions, you can email us in english and all mails will be answered  
sharon  zajak can you tell me about you because I dont know you
Norbert_Zajac I started as a normal pet shop owner and by the time my company grew to the biggest mail order aquarist company in germany - for example we print 290,000 copies of our catelog for all our customers. We are doing several shows on different kinds of pets per year
jan do you have a url for your page?
jan  danke sehr
jmdiscus spanish too?? 
Norbert_Zajac Juan, next year 
jmdiscus  Thank you!! 
ivan Is there anything you would want to change for future events? 
Norbert_Zajac we want to make the next championship more aquaristic because common aquaristic shows have about 50,000 visitors and if we could get another 10,000 more to the discus show we may get them into discus 
jan  it was my first visit to a discus show.. i missed only an place where i can drop my helmet and motorwear 
Norbert_Zajac jan we'll keep that in mind

sharon do you have in english catalog
Norbert_Zajac sharon we do not have an english language catelog right now
Norbert_Zajac last question please
jan it would be also nice if there is a live streaming to the internet 
ivan  I just want to say, thanx for the insight into a bit of what you do, keep up the good work and hopefuly I'll get to visit a future Discus show myself. Thanx again 
Norbert_Zajac please everyone type in their last question and we can then choose one from someone who hasn't had a chance to ask yet if no one who hasn't asked has a question, we will choose between what we have 
Norbert_Zajac if this okay - mr zajac is very busy finishing up the show :-) 
jan  a live streaming cam would be nice
Fons  Mr. Zajac, I know you're a very busy man right now and you stayed with us for a long time. How do you like this chat and the entire stand and setup we made to promote your show 
jan  keep up the good work(next year i'm on the show again) 
Norbert_Zajac I am really for the first time in an internet chat... 
Norbert_Zajac and I am of the opinion there is a really interesting thing and will be the future... 
Norbert_Zajac and I never could imagine that there would be 10 times more hits on the webpage than visitors at the show - it is really amazing me... 
Fons  We like to thank you very much for you invitation to be on this show and we hope to meet each other in 2004
Norbert_Zajac I want to say as a final statement thank you for the nice chat and if you have any questions feel free to email us at our company address - all emails will be answered as soon as possible
ivan  What a nice man 
SLY  thank you Mr Zajac
Walter  This also on behalf of our visitors

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