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Bernd_Degen so you may ask any question you like
Walter Hello bernd nice to see you here again :)
Brent_Acworth sure, i have a community tank and am seperating pairs into breeding tanks any techniques or signs
Bernd_Degen last four bars becoming darker, they begin shaking with the head, aggression towards other fish, looking for spawning sites, cleaning roots, large leaves, glass, etc. these are signs they are beginning to breed
Brent_Acworth Bernd both the female and the male get agressive like a ramming action to the tail
Bernd_Degen yes Brent, both male and female become aggressive but not only to the tail - also the head
SLY in your opinion what's the best way to trigger a spawn? like large water change, blackwater, increase temp or decrese temp?
Bernd_Degen you should do water changes lowering the pH slowly, changing temp sometimes a little lower or higher - this is sometimes very helpful in triggering spawning basically changing their environment will help induce spawning
Nejat do you really use the product 'rio negro (plus)' in your tanks which belongs to you?
Bernd_Degen { Nejat - no, we gave up 2-3 years ago because of techinal problems in Brazil as well as monetary considerations
sharon Degan we have a common friend,restaurant 206 is it ringing for you
Bernd_Degen yes sharon it is the best steak yes?
sharon the best ,do we see you again in 206
SLY how about conductivity?
Bernd_Degen for breeding the best is below 100ms
Nejat will you please talk about breeding wild Heckels - because it's harder than to breed other wilds
Bernd_Degen Nejat - the key is low pH and very soft water pH below 4.5 but you should lower the pH very slowly
SLY do you believe in growth inhibiting hormones as in you do not mix adult fishes with juveniles as they would affect the growth of juvenile discus what's your thought on that?
Bernd_Degen Sly no I do not believe that regarding growth inhibiting hormones
Brent_Acworth how slowly to lower the pH say from 7 to 4.5
Bernd_Degen you should soften the water hardness and the pH will lower automatically - also peat moss is very helpful
Brent_Acworth thanks
Nejat Dr. Eduard Schmidt Focke was not pleased with his book because there wasn't full information about the subjects.I mean he said lots of information was missing. Do you know anything about it. Where the given informations?
Bernd_Degen [Nejat] how do you know he was not pleased and when did you hear he was not pleased? allow me to ask :-)
Nejat we have common friends called Nejat Sar?oglu saw the mails of doctor and Mr Sar?oglu had talked several times with him and his wife because they were very close friends
Bernd_Degen when was this Nejat?
Nejat after the book of him was published

Bernd_Degen - this is a long answer so everyone please bear with me as I answer this question...when I collected all his material I found that a lot of pictures have gone, taken by his so-called friends - let's say stolen...he was very very happy to do this book because it was the last chance for him and he really got paid for it a high fee...from me and TFH publications we did 2 book versions, one by BEDE in German and one in English by TFH...the books look very different. Are you speaking of the english or german version? the americans added more photos they had in stock. I wrote more than 30 books so all the information is inside the book(s)
SLY robin perhaps a short introduction of Mr Degen would give us more insights of what's he's doing and etc
Bernd_Degen Sly I am a book publisher and I travel around the world to publish about the discus hobby I am doing three magazines about discus and other tropical fish in Germany and I have written many discus books in several languages
SLY thank u Mr Degen
sharon is it true that discus have "season" for spawning
Bernd_Degen yes in the wild but in the home tank it is more or less possible all year for them to spawn and if they start spawning, they will do it several times before they stop again
Brent_Acworth What light is the best to be used for a discus community tank or a breeding tank? Currently my discus get very scared when the light is turned on.
Bernd_Degen Brent the type of light is not so important but if the fish are sleeping and you turn the light on, they become very stressed....
so it would be better to use a small night light or if possible to use daylight (tank by window) so it is not totally dark when you turn on the lights. The shock of no light to bright light is what stresses them
sharon is this show have more quality fish form last show
Bernd_Degen hmmmm it depends on look - many important Asian people are not here this year so their fish are not here to look at...but this is mostly problem with economy right now. but the show itself is much bigger, many more booths, show tanks, the hall is bigger - so it is a perfect show in the end
sharon do you recommend to give every day white worms
Bernd_Degen no, twice or three times a week is enough
doron_k hello from israel,,, I have 700 litre tank with a lot of plants and a good light 500 wats and CO2, I would like to know if I need to provide air to the tank?
Bernd_Degen no need to provide air to the tank as if you do this, the Co2 will disappear easier
doron_k but when i close the light the discus do not have air...
Bernd_Degen it is ok because the filtration system still works in the nightime so there is no reason for extra air
Andrew_DKing Would you suggest a night light plugged into a wall socket across the room? (left on all night)
Bernd_Degen yes this is possibility
sharon when you do crossing after how much spawn
Bernd_Degen you can write 10 pages on this subject of line breeding, crossing, etc. Can you give me a more specific question I can answer?
doron_k What is the best food if i want my discus in largest size?
Bernd_Degen doron a large range of different kinds of food to make sure they have everything and as many times as possible, water changes in order to keep the nitrate levels down
Brent_Acworth what is your breeding conditions normally pH, temp, size of tank, water change frequency?
Bernd_Degen pH 6.0, conductivity below 100ms, temp around 30C water changes for breeding if they start breeding no changes until fries begin swimming
SLY Mr Degen I assume you have been in this hobby for a long time..what's your most happiest moment in keeping discus? If you could I would also like to know your worst moment in keeping discus
Bernd_Degen Sly I am in the discus hobby for 30 years now and I have had sooo many happy moments that I do not know which was the happiest.... so my advice is to stay in the discus hobby so you too will have many happy moments. Killing a batch of semi-adult discus with pH shock was my worst moment
sharon how much you recommend to use the pair for breeding
Bernd_Degen discus live in the best condition, about 10 years and are able to breed from 1 year until they are around 6 years old under normal conditions it is possible to get 5-6 spawns a year. This is for hobbyists, not professional discus farms - they take away the eggs and allow the fish to spawn immediately again
doron_k I would like to buy a new kind of discus where can I find?
Bernd_Degen look to the internet doron, you are from Israel, yes?
doron_k yes
Bernd_Degen best to look there
SLY what is the worst disease you have encounter and unable to aid?
Bernd_Degen not unable to aid - it is possible to work on the disease to come with an aid in the end. The worst disease would be heximeta
Bernd_Degen ok, sorry, must go now - I am almost late for appointment\par did not realize the time - it was great talking to is fantastic the discus is bringing together so many nationalities speaking friendly to one another - it is just one fish
SLY I am From Singapore and hope we can meet at Aquarama next year
Bernd_Degen yes, I will come to Singapore next year
good bye and thank you.
Walter Bernd thank you for being here in our Chatroom

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