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Ron and Robin Futrell, Jack Wattley and Me

Jack-Wattley good morning. Anyone with questions?
Walter Jack Wattley welcome in our Chatroom
RobC Good morning mister Wattley
jmdiscus Buenos Dias (good morning) Mr Wattley
fred good morning Mr. Wattley
RobC mr Wattley what do you think of the overall quality of the discus in Germany right now?
Jack-Wattley good morning
Jack-Wattley overall quality is very good and I was very much surprised at the number of species discus - they are not doing as much with the hybrid discus... at the discus championship I am seeing high quality, wild caught brown discus and blue discus
RobC what is in your opinion more important ?? shape or colorisation ?
Jack-Wattley I would say shape - no question about it, shape
RobC could you discribe in a few words how that should be ?? for a male f.i.
Jack-Wattley could you elaborate on the question please?
RobC there is no "standard" for the shape at least vague ! what are you aiming for ? f.i perfect round, cichlid bump on the head, high fins ??
Jack-Wattley no bump on the head, round body, eye in relation to the size of the body
RobC last question :) what do you think about the prhase : discus wil be the gold fish of this century?
Jack-Wattley they have been saying that for years and there is nothing valid about it as long as we maintain the quality of the fish even though the fish are mass produced we have no problem with relagating it to the goldfish

you should be aware that quality goldfish demand a better price than discus do

RobC now thats something i share :)
ty its your turn guys and gals
jmdiscus Mr Wattley: In Madrid de tap water is very soft (140 mS) What do you think about to maintain and to breed discus with ph=4,5 (problems, advantages,etc.) I have a hatchery and all of my aquariums have this pH
Jack-Wattley yes, you can breed discus at ph of 4.5-5.0, however, the body slime on the breeding pair is greatly diminished at such a low pH
jmdiscus this pH is a problem for the fry?
Jack-Wattley there's a big difference if you make the pH up to 5.5 you will get a much greater body slime on the fish than if you have the ph at 5.0 I mean 5.5 and above but preferrably not more than about 6.8 there is not as much food for them since the body slime is the food they eat - see the body slime is not at 4.5, what it is at 5.5
Ron Mr Wattley when did you first become interested in tropical fish & which fish did you first breed?
Jack-Wattley the first fish I was interested in were discus and I've only bred two different fish, discus and monodactylus sebae
jmdiscus please Mr Wattley be sincere: what do you think about Asian Discus?
Jack-Wattley Asian discus breeders have contributed so much to the continued interest in discus with their hybridizing programs and developing new color strains.. that is sincere answer
fredg Mr. Wattley, could I ask you to elaborate on the part of discus shape regarding the eye to body size, please?
Jack-Wattley yes

I would say we all know the eyes develop and grow faster than the rest of the fish does... one of the first ways to determine whether the fish has been neglected is if the eyeball seems to be quite larger than it should in comparison...the eyeball continues to grow while the body does not on a fish who is neglected...this means you wind up with very large eyes and small body

Ron Mr Wattley, have you ever bred Heckels & if so, are there any special tricks to stimulate spawning along with successful parent raised offspring.
Jack-Wattley I've only bred heckels with royal blues
RobC should we always choose the biggest size discus(for breeding) dispite finnage and colorisation ?
Jack-Wattley rob - that goes back to the question of what is most important - color or body size...that depends on the fish you are working with - quality of it, I mean - in other words sometimes you must take a step backwards in body size to achieve superior color.. or you take a step backwards in color to achieve body size...so it does depend on what you want to achieve with the fish you are working towards as well as with
sharon do you know israelis breeders and when will see you in our country

Jack Wattley, Prof. Dr. Geisler and me

Jack-Wattley do you know a gentlman, Benni Tal, a good discus breeder in the department of MOSSAD?
fredg Mr. Wattley, what wilds would recommend to out cross to turqs in general?
Jack-Wattley the easiest wild discus to breed is the brown discus (symphodom aequifasciata axelrodi) the most difficult of the wild caught discus to breed are the green discus and the heckels
Dougall Hi Jack. First, thanks for taking the time out and I hope they are looking after you with lots of piping hot coffee
Dougall What your opinion on the wild population of discus. What I mean is, are we stripping stocks of "wilds" faster than they can be replaced. If so, is it the job of conservationists to monitor and to run breeding programs - or is there a wider responsibility that extends to retailers, wholesalers etc.
Jack-Wattley I don't drink coffee hahaha

I think we should practice conservation of discus in the wild - the problem is, 90% of the discus exported from Brasil are all caught in the same regions but there are many river systems that are almost totally inaccessible where there are many discus

when the rivers get high, some discus will always overflow to the more accessible areas but we should conserve those areas anyway

Dougall so it sounds as if the dense pockets could be used in a rellocation programme - assuming it was possible to restrict the capture of discus and to allow sufficient time for re-population levels to reach sustainable numbers.
Jack-Wattley it's impossible to control the capturing of discus in any area - there are not enough proper conservation authorities (officers) to operate in such a large area no way to control it
Dougall Yes and is big business too I guess - again thanks for chat it has been good to watch and to join in with - I know you will have a fab time at the show so have a safe and pleasurable journey home - thanks
Dougall Do you think it is viable or desirable to release domestic varietites into the wild Jack?
Jack-Wattley dougall - I think the quantity of tank raised to be released would have to be huge because the waters you are releasing them into the fish would disperse into the waters you would have to release thousands and thousands to make a difference...
Dougall I was thinking more of temporary pens similar to capture and release programs that run over many years but that said, I am not convinced even if it was feasible that it would be a good idea.
Jack-Wattley I don't think that would be practical at all because you are talking areas that are so huge
last question - make it a good one hahaha
Dougall who is the best discus breeder in the world
Jack-Wattley dougall - it's not my wife hahaha
Dougall hahahahaahaha sorry am spilling my coffee now :-)
Walter Jack nice to have you here and I hope soon to see you again.



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