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Horst_Koehler hello we are ready for questions
Walter Welcome and nice to see you here Horst
Andrew_DKing Welcome and thank you for the opportunity to talk with
Horst_Koehler where are you from Andrew?
Andrew_DKing Canada here
sharon I dont know you can you tell me something ABOUT you(in discus)
Horst_Koehler I have discus since 20 years and magazine I do comes from breeding and selling discus...I did not want to continue explaining things so I started a letter which got longer and longer until it turned into Diskus Brief magazine
Andrew_DKing I just moved and set up a new showtank, I am still in the gorw-out stage hoping to do small breeding soon
Horst_Koehler I breed in the winter and sell before summer because I have turtles to care for before summer. I have a limited amount of pairs now. I only sell in Germany (area I live in mostly because I do not ship fish)
Andrew_DKing How many pairs do you have?
Horst_Koehler 3 pairs now - all wild fish
Andrew_DKing do you prefer a special stain of wild?
Horst_Koehler yes, Andrew, I like the green striations (Tefe area)
sharon is your magazine in english
Horst_Koehler no sharon, I can not do that much work to turn it to english alone (I tried it with 3 different US publishers) but could not bring in sufficient subscribers to continue. I must have someone very good to do this work and have not been successful finding that person as yet
Tom_Fowler Horst what direction do you think discus breeding will go in the future what types
Horst_Koehler my personal opinion is that breding should be done with wild fish (F1 and 2 generations) instead of excessive inbreeding for color. I hope that is the direction it will go in because with all these crossing, at the end of the day, we do not end up with the result that we want regarding shape, brute behavior and strength of the fish (immune system).
Tom_Fowler I agree with you
sharon what do you think about use ozonizer in tank show with discus
Horst_Koehler [sharon] if the tanks are taken care of properly, that equipment is not needed - the fish should be the focus and not technical devices. Water quality here in Germany is good so I have no personal experience with having to use bad water.
SLY Hi Mr Koehler what do you think of the standard of the discus in the competition this year?
Horst_Koehler it is medium - could be better but could also be worse the problem is that many people hesitate to bring in fish because of the risk of catching disease
SLY true what do you think of spotted discus winning the grand champion again? can we say that this indicates that spotted discus is the most popular and beautiful discus?
Horst_Koehler in the moment, probably yes Sly - very popular in Germany at the moment
Tom_Fowler Horst do the wild types make better parents
Horst_Koehler not always at the beginning but afater one year there are more eggs and they also care better for the babies
sharon do you agree that hexamita is number 1 enemy for discus
Horst_Koehler not only for discus but also my turtles have hex problem is there is no effective medicine for hex you can only remove part of them and keep maintaining high quality (less overcrowding, vitamins in food and avoidance of fish who attack discus to reduce stress)
sharon this is new for me about turtles
Horst_Koehler fish can withstand a certain percent of hex and live with it if these things are followed closely
sharon what do you think about use force feeding if you have fish with hex
Horst_Koehler only with adult fish sharon
sharon so what I can do with small fish after I use metrogyl that some times dont work
Horst_Koehler medical bath via water dosage 500-750mg per 100ltr - if this doesn't help, there is unfortuantely no alternative at the moment...
Horst_Koehler there are some wonder drugs offered around here but no one knows the compounds and so I would not recommend it's use
Horst_Koehler in some cases I have found that some similar drugs as metro with a different chemical structure helps but there is no guarentee
SLY febendazole?
Horst_Koehler might be a possiblilty but I do not have the dosage with me... It is a less effective medication than metro and it makes the water turbid.
Horst_Koehler are these medications readily available in Israel without prescription?
sharon no only prescription
sharon how mach time after the small fish have hex that the small fish is gone(not growing)
Horst_Koehler they will always stay smaller than the ones without hex but they are still fish so they should be taken care of
Tom_Fowler Horst what growth rate do you get from your wilds
Horst_Koehler between 16-18cm which is not very large size but is ok for me
sharon what I can do with fish that dont growing to be wonderful fish
Horst_Koehler here in germany there is a law against killing such fish and these rules are getting stricter and stricter
Tom_Fowler I was thinking growth rate in fry
Horst_Koehler no figures available Tom but I would say close to F4-F5 generations about normal as most breeders.
sharon what size has your large discus
Horst_Koehler approx 18-19cm for the wild fish - asian\par variations are a little larger but I am not breeding with them
Andrew_DKing I understand in Europe, the plated tank is becoming more popular, aside from using bare bottom tanks for breeding do you use any planted tank?
Horst_Koehler not for breeding.
Andrew_DKing In between breeding do you use planted tanks at all?
Horst_Koehler I have half-decorated - a single plant in a pot - root for decoration and gravel only 1cm which is less than half an inch.
sharon is it true that pigeon blood are growing faster and more stronger
Horst_Koehler not all of them - there are always exceptions - sometimes they are real little, sometimes there are real giants among them
Tom_Fowler Horst do I understand you are not allowed to cull fish fish in germany under any circumstace
Horst_Koehler there are two exceptions... 1)if the fish is really so sick there is no hope for it and 2) if they are heavily deformed. but it is not allowed to cull fish just because you don't like color, shape or you have too many. Nature protection laws are very strict and make it hard sometimes on the hobby/breeder. So far not so bad with aquarium fish but with reptiles it is.

sharon do you have a website, I hope in english :)
Horst_Koehler yes, http://www.diskusbrief.org
Horst_Koehler Karsten Kress gets the emails as I have no account he is my webmaster, he answers questions for the site - I have my magazine and once a week telephone service for all who have questions...which is Tues night from 6-9pm.
Andrew_DKing When you are breeding in the winter time, what number of fry would you classify as an average or successful spawn?
Horst_Koehler I am happy if I have 50 babies from the wild parents which is fine for me because I am not professional breeder
Andrew_DKing And what would your survival rate of the fifty fry be?
Horst_Koehler I hope 90%
sharon what do you think about that pepole more and more useing antibiotics in discus
Horst_Koehler we have some medicines freely available containing antibiotics so many use that Misuse of antibiotics is not a big thing in Germany yet because of the high price
Andrew_DKing How many spawnings would you expect from each of your mated pairs? (each winter)
Horst_Koehler 2 from each pair between mid Oct to mid April but sometimes it is only one spawn.
Andrew_DKing how soon do you like to seperate the parrents from the fry?
Horst_Koehler I prefer to leave the fry as long as possible on the parents because of the beauty of having them together so about 7 weeks.
Andrew_DKing and what size would they be then? I have yet to get to that stage as I am starting over ... I am new to Discus
Horst_Koehler about an inch and a quarter Andrew.
Brent_Acworth What is the typical behaviour of discus, in a community tank, that indicates that they are a pair?
Horst_Koehler frequent groupings together of always the same fish, signs of hormonization of two fish, first signs of cleaning substrate for spawning (like cones, heaters, plants, etc.)
Brent_Acworth how about a shivering movement by both?
Horst_Koehler yes, that too Brent
sharon is it true that if you buy fish that his parents has treat all the time with antibiotics if there was problem it make the fish weaker
Horst_Koehler yes, it does sharon treating all the time with antibiotics is terrible - should not be done
Brent_Acworth What is your perspective on using salt in general water changes?
Horst_Koehler personally I do 2% salt addition to the community tank 2 times a year as a precautional measure but no plants must be present in the tanks I add this salt to dosage 2%\
Horst_Koehler there are maybe 20 stands offering discus here and exhibition fish can be bought after the show ends, tomorrow beginning at 5pm. Exhibition and also those in the competition
Andrew_DKing Do you have any discus in the show Horst?
Horst_Koehler no, I do not Andrew
Brent_Acworth Horst, how frequently and how much water do you change in your breeding tanks and what type of filtration do you use?
Horst_Koehler breeding tanks - 3 times a week, approx 15% with sponge filters, canister filters and open biological filters standing next to the tank
Horst_Koehler ok, thank you everyone must prepare now for the reception at 6pm
Brent_Acworth thx
Tom_Fowler Thank you Horst
sharon no, thank you and nice to meet you
Andrew_DKing Thank you, Horst, for spending the time with us...
Dougall could I ask one quick question?
SLY thanks Mr koehler
Horst_Koehler hahaha as long as I am here - if it is quick
Dougall ok thanks
Dougall Hi Horst. Hope you are enjoying the good people and the show. I was wondering . . . Back in 1998 you made a plea to readers of DBI to help keep subscription numbers up and you mentioned the difficulty in getting US (and I assume other English speaking nations) to commit time, energy and support to keep DBI going.
Dougall Is this still the reason why there is not a 'new' DBI or are there other logistics today? Thanks
sharon to all guys from the site you do wonderful jobs
Horst_Koehler no logistic problem because it was published and sent out in english form already - the problem was/is problem of sufficient subscribers for an english version as well as lack of someone reliable to do it for me as I have not time for this project myself
Horst_Koehler I have a demanding job keeping me away from home 11 hours per day
Dougall :-) know the feeling - my sympathies
Horst_Koehler ok, goodbye all
SLY bye
fredg bye Horst, thank you
sharon bye
Dougall ok thank you very much and have great time
Horst_Koehler goodbye
Tom_Fowler See you later all
Walter Thank you Horst for this nice chat see you soon again

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