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Andrew Soh with Robin Futrell

Walter so will we try to ask only one question at the time and then we can answer them ok
jmdiscus ok
Nicholas HI everyone!
Fred ! got your email than you!
fredg Hello Nicholas
Walter who has the first question for Andrew Soh or Johnny Yip
jmdiscus i would like to know what do you think about de Discus in Europe.please be sincere
Johnny-Andrew first of all the wild discus in Europe are very good quality but as far as the Tank raised ones are concerned, the limitation is because of maintaining large hatcheries....

Because the large hatchery is very possible only in very tropical country where the expenses are lower and the water source is natural and abundant and inexpensive feed source but I see a big improvement in the quality of the fish, especially the ones entered in the show

Goran Helo my discus friends what types of discus you have
which discus you represent here in Duisburg
fredg Was the competition of the entrants more close than the Last Duisburg Show?
Johnny-Andrew please wait a couple of minutes guys - they had to take a group photo as they won 3rd place they will return soon
fredg that answers what kind of discus they have
world class

Andrew Soh with Walter Soestbergen

Johnny-Andrew hahahaha hi fred
we are judges here - we brought in no fish - we keep discus as hobby only - generally the lastest strains which I am using for my breeding program and absolutely not for sale until I perfect a new variety in the future
Johnny Yipp the last show got more entry then now and obviously the competition was more stiffer
Johnny-Andrew sorry guys - I made a mistake telling you they won - they took photos as judges
generally the standards of the show are very high quality but unfortuantely in many other shows, they are always some entries that are not very good quality
this could be due to the reason that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and participants feel that all his fishes are worthy of the competition
jmdiscus what are the best Asian Discus races in your opinion and Why : colors?, etc.
Johnny-Andrew it's very hard to say which is the best
jmdiscus :-)

Johnny Yip with Robin Futrell

Johnny-Andrew the most popular one is the leopard and the leopard snake because they have more colors in one fish
sharon did you  sell your fish in israel,and is they are new good books in the show
Johnny-Andrew I'm sorry sharon - we didn't understand your question
can you repeat?
jmdiscus and white discus, what doy you think?
Johnny-Andrew the white fish is a very unique mutation not created by hobbyists but created by God no one would claim that they created the white fish with advanced perception basically, the white fish is a very unique fish In commerical value, this fish helped the breeder to make his million
unfortuantely, this kind of design would generally not be able to win a good placing in any competition basically because it has no color and the eye is yellow here we are talking the pure white strain, not the hybrid
sharon are they new good books in the show, and is you sell discus in israel
  I have not really seen all the books yet so I really can not tell - the books are in German and I do not read German
Singapore exporters of discus do ship discus to Israel but not many - maybe 1 or 2 is all
Nicholas Gentlemen your opinion in relation to colours / types how far do you think it will go, have we seen it all?
Johnny-Andrew no
sharon do you know israelis breeders
Johnny-Andrew it all depends on what new varieties God would like to input into discus (not in the hands of men)
Goran in your opinion how many young discus should be removed and raised for multiplying
Johnny-Andrew as you can see so far, many of the new varieties (like the snakeskins, ghost discus, the white fish, the 14 bar fish) are the main brooder stock that has been the main genes that has created the so called new varieties in the market
Glenn In your opinion, what country has the best looking discus strains?
Nicholas The range of discus is amazing , being able to distinguish or obtain quality is another thing though, your thoughts on this?
Johnny-Andrew if we were to utilize what we have now to try to create a new strain, with human perception it is near impossible unless God chose a new mutation to introduce into the new breeding program is that clear to you?
jmdiscus please, i would like to know some secret or methods how you raise your discus: food, enviroment, etc.

Johnny Yip with Walter Soestbergen

Glenn Have many discus farms closed in Asia due to Japans economic problems the last decade? Any idea of the % that have gone out of business?
sharon how can I know when I going to buy a fish that is cleaning of hormones
Johnny-Andrew this is a very long story - I think wisest solution is to get good books to tell you these things it could take pages to explain these techniques
sharon which book
jmdiscus two advice!!
Johnny-Andrew first it is because the normal economic curve discus market also high and low when the production exceeds demands price drop, profit lost and farm close recently, there was a new fish which is the flower horn being introduced into the market and this fish has caught the market by storm many hobbies in Asia moved to flower horn away from discus this made an impact on the Asian farms many of them have to either convert to flower horn farms or they are forced to close the fault lies not with the Japenese more than 50% have gone out of discus business.
Glenn Did the discus plague also have an effect on some of the farms closing?
Johnny-Andrew no, plague is definitely not the main reason
Nicholas Johnny and Andrew, what do you recommend feeding your discus, to promote best colour and vitality?
Johnny-Andrew wait for the book by Andrew Soh which I hope to complete by middle of next year hahaha then the naked truth of discus will be told
Johnny-Andrew Sharon - if the fish are fed on Austrialian beefheart, as far as I know there is hormonme present in the heart mix to get rid of the hormone is a natural process which takes about 2-3 months from the last  feeding with the presence of hormones hormone only enhances the blue pigment if the blue shines overly artificial it must be a homone fish
Glenn What kind of camera(brand) do you use when taking photos of discus?  Thank you for answering my questions!
Johnny-Andrew [Nicholas] another long story to keep short, there must be good balance of vitamins proteins, calcium and beta caratine
sharon is it true that if you have hormones in your fish the fish will not be good for breeding
Johnny-Andrew all brands of cameras are good - it is the user really
[sharon] as long as you don't overdo the hormones, it will not affect breeding however I do not endorse the use of hormones actually there are more bad things done to fish fed with hormones than good things so let's not do it
Glenn What is your favorite strains of discus?
Johnny-Andrew I have several..
leopards, leopard snakes and the goldens (genuine goldens) hahaha
sharon but 90% of fishes that sell in the world they with hormones
jmdiscus Do you have website? could you give me?
Johnny-Andrew johnny@asiandiscus.com
yes JM that is it however it is a website for my book - not for selling discus
Nicholas Can you clarify this for me! the shape of the head (being more rounded depicts the better quality fish true or false?
Johnny-Andrew in general terms, yes, but there are some fish that have the lesser round shape that are also very good fish
sharon is it good to feed every day discus with white worms
Johnny-Andrew as long as they are clean, it is okay to use white worms but these are usually used in European countries but not Asian because we are unable to produce white worms
jmdiscus ok, i have the "asian discus II" and i think it is a very good book, congratulation. I wolud like "Asian Discus III"...
Johnny-Andrew III may be ready in a year's time
jmdiscus ohhhhh!!!
sharon but are they make the discus more fat
Johnny-Andrew could be sharon - there are hormones which help the discus absorb food better
jmdiscus thank you very much for answer my question Johnny and Andrew
Johnny-Andrew your welcome jmdiscus
Nicholas time for anymore questions?
jmdiscus i hope you visit Spain in the future.... :-))))))
Glenn your books are great!  thanks for chatting with us.
Johnny-Andrew ok, one or two more please
I (Andrew) like Spain and will visit it in the near future
jmdiscus oHHHHHHH!
fredg In judging, the area of "conformation" could give a quick explanation? thank you.
Johnny-Andrew I don't understand "conformation" is it conformation to categories?
fredg The "over all appearance" of the fish
Johnny-Andrew yes, a few new discus but don't ask me what type - as the breeders have not named the fishes I think it is only fair if you check with the organizer he has all the information different organizers give different sets of rules and scoring criteria
fredg ok, ty
Nicholas Thanks for you time!! its been of great value!
sharon yes
jmdiscus artificial feeding : what is the best method?  thanks
Johnny-Andrew long story again jm - that will also be included in my book
fredg Ah... and you judges have to judge from those criteria
Johnny-Andrew that is correct - is the house rules
sharon is they are new discus in the show are they  real red discus like tomato without puting something in they food
Johnny-Andrew there is real red but may not be intense and need to be enhanced the different tone of redness depends on the genetic material of the fish and the different types of chlorophyl
Walter we thank Johnny and Andrew for this chat time
Johnny-Andrew thank you - see you around - in one of the future shows
sharon thanks
Nicholas thanks
fredg thanks
Nicholas That was cool!
jmdiscus Gracias
ups... thank you
sharon I hope to see more masters in the chat
fredg there will be
Masters2002 there will be many more good masters this weekend
Jack Wattley, Bern Degen, Horst Kohler, Mr. Yeng, Dieter Untergasser
we will have three per day

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