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Hello reader,

If you don't want to wait until you have won a mouse pad you can order one from Discus Page Holland.


The price for 1 mouse pad is  6.00 US Dollar incl shipping costs.
If you order all 4 the price is 20.00 US Dollar incl shipping costs.

There is no complete set available at the moment:

  • set 1 mousepad 1 - 4 not available

  • set 2 mousepad not available

In Dutch:

De prijs voor 1 muismat is fl 12,00 incl porto kosten.
Als je ze alle 4 wilt hebben is dit
fl 40,00 incl porto kosten.

Er is op dit moment 1  sets

  • set 1 bestaat uit muismat 1 - 4

I want to order 1 mouse pad
I want to order set 1 not available
I will pay by bank transfer
I will sent you the money please choose one
International money check
mousepad 10
mousepad 09
please choose one mouse pad if you order one.
If you order a set you get four of them.

Please give me  your name, e-mail and street address so I can send you the mouse pad(s) when I receive the money.

After submission you will get an automated e-mail, so you can check if your order is properly received.

After that you get an e-mail from me, with all the information as to which bank you can deposit the money to or where to send it.

E-mail address(es): 


Not available
Not available
Mousepad8 Not available
Not available Mousepad 7
Mousepad 6 Not available
Not available Mousepad 5
Mousepad 4 Not Available
Not Available Mousepad 3
Mousepad 2 Not Available
Not Available Mousepad 1


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