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It's again 5 years ago that I came out with my second (first calendar was made in 1996 and the second in 2001) "DISCUS Calendar", and I didn't expect so many positive reactions and buyers.

What can you find on this page:

Information about the Calendar
Sample photo's from Calendar 2007
Payment options
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Because of all these reactions, and because people did recently asked again about a calender, I have again decided to come out this year with a "DISCUS CALENDAR 2007". A special printed one this year.

The calendar has 13 pages and a cover, on each page is an Discus photograph.

Because it is a printed calendar this year, I can offer you this "DISCUS CALENDAR 2007" based on the production costs for:

The price for one calendar A4 is 17,50 Euro

These prices are including packaging and shipping .
Delivery time is between 5 - 10 business days.
Please notice that I cannot be responsible for missing items.

payment options:

Bank transfer (when you live outside the EU this is expencive).
Paypal (easy and cheap).
Cash money in envelope (with risk that it never arrives).

Please give your name, e-mail and address so I can send you the calendar when I receive the money.

After submission you get an automated e-mail, so you can check if your order is send away.

After that you get an e-mail from me, with all the information to which bank you can deposit the money or where sent the international money order to.

I cannot accept personal checks from your own bank, the exchange rate costs are higher than the cost of the calendar. Please send International money order in US$.

disclaimer: "sorry, but personal checks will be returned to sender"

Fill in the white box your address information so I can copy and past it on a sticker!  This way there will be no misunderstanding from your postoffice to deliver it to you!

Fill in your Name and Address information.  

E-mail address:
Amount  Calendar:

When you don't get an automated e-mail your e-mail address is incorrect.


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