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Hello all,

Finally something about myself. After many requests I try to write something about myself.

I am Walter Soestbergen born in Utrecht, Netherlands on 30-6-1963. I will leave a great range from my life blanc :-). I always have loved all animals of this world. But my special favorites are: Dolphins, Whales and of course Discus fish. I Started at the age of 16 (1979) at my parents home with a tank, a beauty with discus fish (my father is still thinking it was his idea <grin>). With no other aquarium experience this was my first discus tank and lucky me, this was going fine. When I moved out by my parents, I started my own tank (or better second tank) also with discus fish. I had this tank for 5 years and because we didn't have that much room I stopped with keeping Discus.

In 1995 I was again thinking about Discus fish and how beautiful they are (it is a illness I think, when they get a grip on you :-) ). While surfing on the internet I could not find the information I wanted to know about these fishes and was thinking to start my own information page, only about Discus fish. In 1996, around my birthday, I started Discus Page Holland. The second Discus page in the Netherlands. In the beginning with around the 3 visitors a day (probably from myself) it began to grow. And yes it was growing, in 1998 I decide to get my own domain name, where you are now

In that time I received around 40 - 50 visitors a day and at that moment I changed the layout into what it is now. In the year 1997 there was a contest for the best Discus Website 1997 and I won the second place silver award. For the year 1998/1999 I got the Gold award with the same contest, Wow the people must love DPH, great that I won this one.

Also, 1999 is the worst year for me. In the hospital they discover a lump on my back. And yes, it was a bad one, which was removed.

Back to my introduction. I am working many hours on DPH, only for the hobby, and I like to do it that way. Always busy, busy and more busy. Sometimes it is so bad that my wife asks me if I am married with DPH or with her ;-).

We are at the moment in the year 2000 and there are around the 300 + visitors a day and getting more than 40 emails a day from all fanciers and keepers of Discus.

I'll stop here I am not a good writer at all. I want also to say is that I can not do this without the support I got from many people mentioned by their name or not, on the DPH pages.

Finally I can say that I like the internet. From all over the world you have friends, they all looked like neighbors 2 seconds away with email and also with ICQ and some chat rooms (specially the DPH chat room).

Walter Soestbergen

date: April 2000

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