Frank Tinnes

Frank Tinnes


Hello Reader: I am Frank Tinnes

I am the owner with Herman Sander of Discus Studio.
We have been keeping Discus fish for 11 years and breeding them for 10 years.

Grow up tanks (pH 6.8 S 600-900):
We have 16 grow up tanks each with 430 liters of water and they are 120 x 60 x 60 big. Every 3 tanks are seen as 1 unit with one biological filtering tank of 430 liters of water.
These tanks are decorated with sand on the bottom and petrified wood.
The cleaning is a little bit more difficult than the sterile tanks but the fish like it and they show that with their nice colors.

Breeding tanks (pH 6.2 S 120):
For the breeding we use 4 tanks that are split in 2 parts with blue filter foam. In this way each tank has 200 liter water and every two tanks has his own biological filter.

Biological filter:
Every filter is 120 x 60 x 60 cm, have 5 chambers and have foam, stone and Siporax as filter material.

Changing water:
Every day we change 10-15% water and every 2 weeks one big change of 25-30%.

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Frank Tinnes & Herman Sander
Discus Studio
Oberhausenstr. 1A
79341 Kenzingen


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