Hello and thank you for taking an interest in our hatchery.

My name is Robert Clough and with my wife Jo I operate a business in Queensland, Australia called Australian Discus Breeders. We have been breeding discus for 16 years and are now full time in the business. I'm very lucky that Jo shares my passion for discus because our hatchery is in our house!!!.

All our broodstock is fully imported and we presently have in excess of 20 pairs. Our tapwater here isn't very good so we invested $6000 in a reverse osmosis water treatment plant. This water is only used for our breeders. We rear all our fry in pre-treated tapwater at pH 6.5 and 200-300uS.

Using our own special food mixes we are able to get our fry to 2" (5cm) in about 8 weeks. We usually have at least 1500 fry/juveniles in stock to keep up with demand. Our clientele are located all over Australia and internationally. We pride ourselves on supplying only top quality discus and cull heavily to ensure our valued clients are getting the best that money can buy.

Here's hoping that your discus bring you endless joy as they do for us.

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