Fish Pathology

Review by: Jim E. Quarles
Title:      Fish Pathology
Author: Heinz-Herman & Reichenback-Klinke                  
Subject: General principles of fish pathology.
Published by T.F.H. ps-204

While this book is not written for the beginning fish keeper it can provide a great deal of information that makes this task much more understandable.

It is 212 pages including the index. It offers fifteen chapters. Starting with,

  • Chapter I. General Fish Pathology, it gives an over all view of the subject fish pathology and the characteristics that will be covered in the text.
  • Chapter II. This is a chapter on Infectious Diseases. Reading this chapter will provide the reader with a basic to advanced understanding of what they will perhaps see happening in their own tanks over time.
  • Chapter III.  Fungi and Algae as fish parasites. A must read for those who are trying to breed egg spawning fish.
  • Chapter IV. Protozoans As Fish Parasites. While very informative for those reader who have studied basic biology or bacteriology it requires a bit of re-reading on those subjects to fully understand this chapter. It is just my suggestion but the book Essentials of Microbiology by Raul J.Cano makes great co-reading for this book.
  • Chapter V.  This chapter covers Parasitic Coelenterates in fish.
  • Chapter VI.  Worms as parasitic factors in fish. This chapter alone  is worth the price of the book for those who keep and breed discus fish.

Covered are, turbellarians, Monogenetic Trematodes, Monoopisthocotylea, Gyrodactylidae, Polyopisthoctylea, Diclybothriidae and Hexabothriidae.

Digenetic trematodes, Cestoda, Nematodes. Internal parasites are perhaps the number one problem of discus, this chapter explains in detail what they are and how to treat for them in fish.

  • Chapter VII.  Crustacea, Linguatulids, and Mites as fish parasites.
  • Chapter VIII.  Vertebrates as Fish parasites.
  • Chapter IX. Tumors, benigh Tumors, Malignant Tumors, Cyst formations, Cystomas and other forms of tumors.
  • Chapters X. Fish Disorders of Non-Parasitic Origin. Deficiency Diseases, Metabolic disorders, a good deal of information about the diseases that effect the livers of fishes, Dropsy. It covers the effects of Ammonia, Detergents, phenols Chlorine, cyanide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, pesticides, the effects of herbicides, algicides, and fungicides. This in deed is a very interesting and enlightening chapter.
  • Chapter XI. The healing of wounds and regeneration. Gives detailed advice on what to do and when to do it.
  • Chapter XII. Abnormalities in fish.
  • Chapter XIII. Fish as Vectors of organisms pathogentic to man. A must read chapter if you want to be safe in handling fish on a daily bases.
  • Chapter XIV. Drugs used in the control and treatment of fish diseases.
    I found this chapter interesting but slightly dated.
  • Chapter XV. Fishes and Parasites. Mostly deals with commercial fishes used as food. But still insightful for the hobbyist.

This book far exceeds the information provided about diseases and parasites found in most of the tropical fish hobby books on the market today. It is detailed, it is factual, and most important of all it is extremely useful to all who would be more then a hobbyist who just wants to kind of float along with little understanding of the nature of fish and their diseases.

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