H. J. Mayland

Review by: Jim E. Quarles
Title: Adventures With Discus.
Author Hans J. Mayland Published by T.F.H # TS-218
ISBN: 0793800818

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I must admit that when I bought this book I was expecting another coffee table book full of old discus pictures that had be used in a long line of T.F.H books. But I was over joyed to see that it had fresh new photo work by the author and did not just prattled on about generalities about discus.

This book is not about culturing discus, nor does it go into discus diseases. But what it does do and it does it very well, is it places the reader in his minds eye on the Amazon with Mr. Mayland. It is one of those well written books that allows the reader to transport themselves to places they only dream of going and seeing with their own eyes. While reading this wonderful book you are transported to the Amazon and are able to see the sights and hear the sounds through the words Mr. Mayland.

The book also offers some very interesting charts of water samples taken along the way and these should prove helpful to many discus hobbyist trying to develop the best water they can for their home tanked discus.

The book is 284 pages and contains a wonderful selection of photographs taken in the Amazon area. It offers a Index and a Bibliography.

I like the book and recommend it to anyone interested in the tropical fish hobby. It is well worth the price. The only side comment I might make is the title perhaps should have been Adventures Of The Amazon, which would have more clearly defined the contents.

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