Majestic Discus

Majestic Discus.
by Manfred Göbel.
Published by Aqualog
ISBN: 393170243X
Pages 48.
Review by: Walter Soestbergen

This book is about Discus of course. It is a well-written book that reads very easily. First there is a chapter about the biography of the writer. The nine different forms are: described 4 wild forms and 5 cultivated forms. There is a great chapter about the natural habitat of the discus and a good description about the equipment you can use in a discus aquarium. Several companion fishes are also discussed. Further, there is a chapter about discus diseases which clearly described some common diseases. Last but not least, there are nice photo's of the winners of the Duisburg Show '98 and Aquarama '99
I'd give this 7 out of 10

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