Fish Health

Review by: Jim E. Quarles
Title: The Manual Of Fish Health.
Authors: Dr. Chris Andrews, Adrian Exell and
Dr. Neville Carrington.
Published by Tetra Press.
ISBN: 1564651606

While this book maybe a little dated now it is still packed full of great and useful information, in enjoyable readable form. This book may also be out of print now but I am sure with a little effort a copy can be obtained.

The book contains 208 pages which includes the index. It also provides a good number of color photographs and diagrams that explain the points made.

The contents are divided into 7 chapters.

Chapter 1.

The balance of health. In this chapter it points out that you, as a tropical fish hobbyis,t are totally responsible for the care and health of your fish and starts to explain some of the pathogens you will experience.

Chapter 2.

Living In Water. This is really a basic statement of the general shape and conditions of fish and how that relates to their native environment. But it builds a background of information that broadens your perception of the way fish live.

Chapter 3.

Understanding Water Chemistry. This chapter alone is worth the price of the book. Once you really understand the basics of water chemistry for discus fish your fish keeping chores become more fruitful and far less problematic.

Water chemistry is the backbone of successful discus keepers, yet few really understand it fully. This subject is explained in simple terms yet covers the subject fully.

Chapter 4.

Planning For Health. This chapter covers such topics as compatibility of fish in your tanks, sensible stocking levels per tank. Filtration and aeration, waste management generated by the fish. The difference between high and low circulation of the water in the tank and the filter turn over rate. It also provides information about the oxygen requirements, and Quarantine procedures for new fish. Some information is provided as well about plants in the aquarium.

Chapter 5.

Recognizing Ill-Health. After reading this chapter you will understand the difference between Acute health problems and chronic problems. How to examine your fish to note health or disease problems. The environmental influence on fish health. How to make a diagnosis. One of the great features of this chapter is how to use laboratory procedures in examining fish. It covers both external examination and basic post-mortem techniques. Chapter five also contains lots of useful photos of the disease factors it speaks to.

Chapter 6.

This chapter gives you information from A-Z on common fish diseases and how to be sure you know the difference between them. I consider this a great chapter and the information given will certainly enlighten those who are just becoming fish keepers.

Chapter 7.

Here you will find suggested treatment methods for different disease victors and these are extremely helpful to reduce your losses should your fish come down with a disease. This chapter is a must read for any new comer to the fish hobby and it certainly will not hurt the more advanced hobbyist to review the information given.

So there you have my review of this book. I think it is a storehouse of good information at a reasonable price.

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