Discus Fish

Review by: Mark Fletcher
Tittle: Discus Fish, A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual
Author: Thomas A. Giovanetti.
ISBN: ISBN 0-8120-4669-2

This book was printed in 1991. It contains only 80 pages with very few color photos, although it has many useful illustrations along with a lot of information not often found in many other discus books.

 The book begins with a chapter called "Understanding Discus" in this chapter it shows and identifies all the body parts of a discus. It covers the different types of discus along with the Amazon habitat.

 The second chapter,  "Water Chemistry and Filtration" is one of the highlights of the book. It discuses many topics related to water chemistry; the hardness, conductivity, osmoregulation, R/O and many types of filtration.

The Third chapter: titled "Getting Started", covers equipment, aquascaping and leans towards the following; chapter four, titled "The Planted Discus Aquarium". This is the largest chapter of the book covering various types of plants, illustrations on how to place the plants, common plant problems, algae, plant nutrition, CO2.

Chapter five is Nutrition and Feeding

Chapter six is called Disease Recognition and Treatment in this chapter it covers many of the typical problems and treatments. Providing an illustration as to what to look for in a healthy fish and shows a discus with multiple problems all at the same time.

The book ends with a short chapter on Breeding Discus.

If you are looking for something a little bit different with some useful information, this little book will make a nice addition to your library.

Mark Fletcher

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