Discus in Community

Title: THE DISCUS in the Community Tank
By Bernd Degen
1993 Tetra-Press
ISBN 1-56465-121-5
Book Review by Davis Gailitis

This is one of the only books I have seen that goes into promoting a good understanding of what it takes to keep Discus in a Planted Community Aquarium.

I found this book to be a great introduction to Discus in a community / planted tank setup. It is a mix of good writing accompanied with good pictures. The writing and information that is given is easy to understand. There are many topics covered in this book some of which are: The Amazonian habitat, differences between natural and aquarium water, descriptions of the four different species of wilds, photo examples of Turquoise, Brilliant Turquoise, Red Turquoise and Solid Turquoise, setting up a planted Discus community tank, overview of plants for a Discus aquarium, and compatible species of fish. Also covered is proper care and breeding. Lots of photos with captions under them, detailing what the photos show. Degen's Ten golden rules, not bad, I should keep reading these over and over again.

Over all on a scale of one to ten I would give this book a six. As stated above, the pictures and descriptions given of the Amazon habitat are worth buying this book alone and that is why it is still on my shelf becoming ragged with good use. The pitfalls are sometimes too noticeable, this book is published by Tetra-Press and their products and theirs alone are mentioned through out. Makes me wonder if Mr. Degen was cringing at the same time he was accepting his check.

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