Discus Catalogue

Review by: Fred Goodall
Title: Discus Catalogue
Author: Martin Ng
ISBN: 983-41994-0-6

This "must have, must read, must keep" book is a "loose leaf" book, that is, it is in binder form for easy updating in future as new strains are developed. The author has written a book that removes the "trade names" of various discus strains and gives us an clear visual listing of "strains" by basic types. Unique in this approach is that the author ( former president of the Discus Club Malaysia, international discus show judge and a discus breeder himself ) shows us the commonly accepted variants of the strains recognized in international discus shows.
 While the letter code designation of the various strains is a bit complicated upon first reading... the very clear photos of the strain "type" as most frequently shown in international discus competitions makes up for that minor complication.
 Each page of the book is devoted to one of the "strains" with aforementioned photo and a close up photo detailing color or pattern as dictated by the strains' unique identifying trait. Most impressive and more importantly for learning the various strain variations are the photos and text on the "back" of each page. The recognized variations of each strain are clearly photographed and text explains in words what the variations are.
Some of the added bonuses are "breeding tips" relating how some strains are "made", clear photos and text on "deformities", color definitions, scale deformity and eye color and deformities. Also included are discus keeping basics and some relevant information about the author.
This 160 page book with an average of 6 beautiful, clear and detailed photos per page is well worth the cost and will aid greatly in identifying true strain variations from "mutts" being offered as something they are not.
I find this book to be a "must have" for hobbyists of any "level" who want or need to know just what strain "that" discus truly belongs in.

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