Brand New

Review by: Jim E. Quarles
Tittle: Brand New Discus
Author: Hiroshi Yamada and Fumitoshi Mori.
224 pages with large number of full color photographs and charts
Publisher: T.F.H. TS 171

I feel this is the only worthwhile book that has come out of the Far East printed in English and is a good source of information about how discus are produced in Asia.

The value of this book resides in the detailed information it provides in a readable manner. It starts out by inviting the reader to understand the wild species as the current discus craze. After that far too short section, it takes you into the hybrids of Asia a few years ago, at this writing the book is slightly dated with regard to the newest color forms or hybrids. That is a short coming that can not be helped since the colors and styles of the hybrids are change far faster than any publication can keep current with.

Another feature of this book I like is how the authors refer to non-wild discus as artificial varieties. This clearly states the condition of hybrids as being an un-natural manifestation.

The book gives details about how to pair up discus for spawning, how to know the signs of a pre-spawning condition with discus.( Mating behavior ) On page eighty three the author's give a very good narration about spawning the wild brown discus, with excellent photographs for detail.

The book is not big on discus diseases but what is given is very informative and I think far more detailed than will be found in most other discus books.

The authors do a good job covering the basics of discus keeping starting on page 114 with nice photographs thorough-out that section.

I found the book to be full of little useful tidbits of information and tips to help in the art of keeping healthy productive discus.

Well worth the money but this book may be out of print, but you should be able to obtain a copy with a little extra effort.

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