Asian Discus 2

Review by: Walter Soestbergen
Title: Asian Discus volume 2
Author: Johnny Yip
Publisher: Ad Asia Pacific (HK) Ltd.
Pages: 220 Photos: 800
Year: 2000

This is the follow-up book first volume of ASIAN DISCUS. Incidentally, the first ASIAN DISCUS was published three years ago (1997). This time, the style and format of the book is very different. It focus mainly on the discus varieties that is currently available in the market. In fact, those fifteen varieties are more or less the whole catalogue of major discus varieties that have been developed up-to-date. The coverage is very comprehensive and it serves well as a guide or reference to many people in the trade. Ever since many exotic names are invented by exporters and importers alike, much confusions are created amongst hobbyists due to these creative names naming. This book clearly cuts out all the confusion. Basically, the book is divided into three sections. The first is the pictorial highlight of some of the best discus in Asia followed by fifteen chapters devoted to each individual variety. Here, Johnny Yip did a nice job of presenting the morphology and color pattern of each variety. It provides a brief description of what each type should look like; how they should be distinguished and a short history of how each came into existence. The third section are some very useful knowledge provided by top breeders on their techniques in breeding, rearing and growing discus. Unlike, most western publication, here the perspectives are from the producers in the far east. What so special about this book is that it helps to pacify the negative press given to the discus from Asia. The photos in the book are very original and of superb quality. According to the author, it was his intention to capture the beautiful discus in their home environment in order to provide an accurate and genuine color to the readers. And I believe he had succeed in this regard. For those of us who do not have the opportunity to visit the production facilities in the far east; this is probably a chance where we could learn how advance the Asian are in the development of discus varieties. It also kept us abreast of their latest development. The size of the book is 8.25" X 11" and weigh about one kilo. A heavy duty book containing about 800 brand new photos in superior printing quality. For the price, this is an excellent reference book whether you are an advanced hobbyists or just a beginner. It surely shows how colorful and beautiful a discus could be.

Walter Soestbergen

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