Meet Ken Lambert

Meet Ken Lambert


Meet Ken Lambert the Hobbyist
date: 25-03-2002

My name is Ken Lambert and I live in Walterboro, South Carolina USA. I have just taken up the Discus hobby within the past year and I'm loving every minute of it. My goal for now is just keeping them alive and happy, with the help of "Ask it Fred." My long term goal is to have a breeding pair and fry of my own (if it's the last thing I ever do :-))

I have a Discus show tank of 10 Discus (4 Blue Cobalt's, 2 Pigeon Bloods, 2 Blue Diamonds and 2 Red Flowers) 20 Cardinal Tetras and 20 Black Neon's, 4 Cory Cats and I try to keep Apple Snails but I believe the Discus seem to enjoy them as snacks. 75 gallon quarantine tank (stocked with  different varieties of Tetras) and 2 10 gallon tanks for water treatment and aging.

Here in the Boonies we have well water which is very KH hard, 13 or above and pH above 8. So I treat the tank with Peat Moss and also chemicals such as Acid Buffer and Kent 7.0 to reach my desired levels. From time to time I add bottled Distilled water for replacement. I do a water change of 15 gallons every week. My plants are all plastic ranging in size from 6 inches to 36 inch bamboo. I have also included Cypress stumps/knees that came from the river in front of my house. I hope you enjoy the PICS. My favorites:

Currently using a Wet/Dry system with a 9.5 (950 gallons per hour) pump.
Also I use a D-1 Vortex Diatom filter once a week for 5 hours. The water just sparkles and is filtered down to the micron. (highly recommended by me).

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