Februari 2003

Februari 2003


DPH Tank of the Month questionnaire
With Jon Meabe

How did you get into keeping a Planted Discus Tank?

Ten years ago I had my first tank . It was a 200 ltr. from a friend who changed it for a bigger one. As I am a plants fanatic, specially to the cactus, my first idea was to introduce acuatic plants and small fishes like guppys . But when I went to the shop and I saw a fantastic blue turquoise discus for the first time... I was caught onto discus fever.

What do you feel has been the most rewarding aspect of keeping such a tank?

There are many , but for me specially it is to create a small living world and to be able to contemplate it during hours . Also I like much to breed discus.

What has been the hardest challenge for you in keeping a Planted Discus tank and have you overcome it?

A bad moment to me was when a plague of algae invaded my tank and I had to clear all my plants . But the hardest moment was the death of my first discus pair.

What kind of approach do you take in maintaining your tank the High Tech way or a more natural way?

I do not use artificial products for the water and I have only a wet dry filter and two heaters.

What piece of advice can you give to others who are thinking about setting up a tank like this?

I am not an expert so the only thing I can say is that if you like it and you have a little patience you can obtain a great tank.


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