November 2002

November 2002


November 2002

Hello to all:)

Well life has thrown me a couple of loops and I have as yet to get the planted tank up and running. So far I have been able to get some of the materials I will use for the new set-up. This time out I am going to be using some corkbark for some of the aquascaping. Should be quite interesting as I have never used the stuff before but have always liked the look of it in a tank. Is pretty neat stuff, when I went to purchase it I was amazed at how light it actually is! It also has some great texture to it and I can't wait to get it into the tank:) One thing I did make sure about before I purchased the bark was to ask the supplier if the corkbark in any way had been treated with any pesticides. He assured me that it had not. I am still going to do a good cleaning of the stuff and then do a bit of a test and stick a few small pieces into one of my small tanks and go out and buy a goldfish or two and put them into the tank with it to see if anything happens.

Well that is all for now and hopefully I can get some time soon to get the tank up and running. It REALLY is driving me crazy looking at a BB tank all the time now.

Hope all is well with everyone and please keep your submissions coming in for The Tank of The Month. This month we have a very nice tank to show you by one of our forum posters. My thanks go out to her for taking the time in showing us her baby :)


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