The Plan

The Plan


DPH Tank Project
written by: Rob Charite
date: 6 May 2000

The idea of DPH tank is to let beginners see and understand what is needed to successfully keep a planted discus tank without fancy hard to understand calculations and fancy words. The purpose of this goal is to have a beautiful planted tank at the end of the year. Input can be given trough the DPH discussion forum. Walter (Wally webmaster) and I hope you will have a fun time following this and hope you will learn just as much of it as we do!!

Ok here we go :_)) part 1:

The plan is to build a fully planted discus tank with all the hardware needed!!

So what would I do first ????

Dreaming how this would be :_)

Yes that to :_)) Just kidding, the first thing I did was planning the whole stuff !! This is very important. And saves you a lot of time and trouble afterwards :_) That is making a layout so I would know where to put every thing and make a nice planted tank with all the hardware out of sight.

So first things first and that would be the hardware !!What would I need ?? A tank you say ??

Ok it is there along with the armatures for the tl bulb, the canister filter, bio filter, suction cubs, hose, and heater. The first thing I did was install the hoses, the intake and outlet, and the heater. The intake is placed in the back corner so we could camouflage it with a plant!

When you would do this be sure that nothing will block the water flow. The outlet is placed on the other side :_)) There is one thing to consider!!! The streaming.

Since we will make a planted tank the flow rate can not be to high and since discus don't like surfboards as well (get it :_)) the problem is solved. Almost !! Which takes me to the filter as well. I was planning to use a bio filter and thought of the possibilities.

A four chambered bio filter built on the DPH (displayed on the DPH article index) was my first option and there it was again :_) mister problem.

The problem is that there is no hole for the over flow (and drilling the glass of a second hand tank is to much of a risk and therefore it is impossible) ! There was still the possibility to build one of pvc pipes but the problem with that is that they are almost no where to hide, always in sight which I hate (spoils the natural view).

So that brings me back to my good ole' fluized bed filter which I built myself and works like a charm.

The next is! Is an eheim 2213 big enough for a tank size of 125 cm+ 50 cm + 50 cm?? Yes it is!! It is 8 watts pumps 440 liters in an hour (when empty) and will only be used for mechanical filtration.

Since a (jet) stream is not needed for plants (they don't like it!) the eheim still provides a flow gentle enough for fish and plants and keeps the tank clean.

Since I am going to use a CO2 reactor I have to look carefully if the agitation of the surface is not too much because that way I will loose too much C02!!

The other problem is it is impossible to have no agitation at all because the fish and the bio filter will not have enough oxygen .so the best solution is to keep it in the middle of the road and see what works best in your situation.

Rob Charite & Walter Soestbergen

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