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Diseases / Treatment



Aeromonas Infections

Beefheart --- Tapeworm and other Nonsense.


Columnaris disease Revisited (1-10-2001)


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Chloramines- Simplified

Discus Plaque
Diseases & parasites of Aquarium fish

Dissolved Oxygen for Fish Production
Disorders of the Swim-bladder (headstand)
Dropsy & Malawi Disease


Fin Rot - Regeneration
Fin Rot - What is it? And how to cure it?

Fungal Diseases of Fish

Gill disease

Ichthyophthirius Multifiliis (White Spot) Infections in Fish
Meet MR. Hexamita
My Discus Have Stopped Eating

Necropsy & Biopsy
Pop-eye disease




Stress - Its Role in Fish Disease


Understanding Swim Bladder Problems

Use of Formalin to Control Fish Parasites

Use of Potassium Permanganate to Control External Infections of Ornamental Fish

The use of Salt


Vibrio Infections of Fish

What are Iridoviruses?

Whirling Disease Why Discus Can't get it

Diagnostic Equipment

Using your Microscope part I

Using your Microscope part II

Using your Microscope part III

General Safety

Clean frequent Water Changes....

Fish Immunology
How to make Discus Soup
Over-view of fish medications and their effectiveness


Stray Voltages: Explained!
When to medicate and when not to
When to treat and what to treat
Your fish might get lucky! or they may die!

Parasites & Treatment

Gill flukes and skin flukes of fish

Pictoral of Parasites and Disease Organisms
Roundworms (Nematodes)
Say Hello and Goodby to Gill Flukes
Snails snails and  puppy dog tails

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Discus Breeding

Breeding Wild Discus

Wild Heckels and me


How to sex Discus for sure

Elementary Genetics For the Discus Breeder

Genetics some thoughts

Some thoughts on Discus Classification


Breeding Discus

Different Ways Fish Spawn

Discus, Discus, Discus

Kitti Phanaitthi On the Pigeon Blood Discus
Why don't tropical fish eggs hatch?

Specific Methods

Asian bred Discus

Comment on Assassin Methode Breeding
Fry don't feed on adults after hatching
I got Wiggler's now what do I do
The way I hatch and artificially feed the discus eggs and fry

Breeder's History

Kitti Phanaitthi On the Pigeon Blood Discus


Synopsis of the Discus Syndrome in Seremban

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Your Story Here you can read about funny and worse experiances in the discus hobby. If you want to share your story with others send it in
Another Fish Story

How to be a successful fish breeder...and make a fortune!
The Unusual
Are you addicted or insane, or Just plan Nuts
To be or Not to be. That is the question

When the cat crabs in

The Importance Of Regular Water Testing!

What a fool am I (stingray)

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Do it Yourself


Automating Water Changes

DIY CO2 Yeast Generator



Building a central filter part 1

Building a central filter part 2

Tanks & Racks

Building a tank

Tank Stand

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