Chemical Warfare

Chemical Warfare


Chemical Warfare
By Rob Charite

I have followed some (discus) forums in the world for some time now. It seems to go about everything but discus.

The only thing a read is chemical warfare, plains ,trains and automobiles, and of course how to kill/ keep as many discus in one tank. I know that some of us discus keepers love color and breed as many as possible and some of us like wild discus.

The ones that like wild caught  seems to see the hybrids as a inferior species and vice versa. So what is the main issue here ?

Keep just wild caught discus to preserve the species and destroy the Amazon? She is just mother natures left lung who needs that anyway since you can buy air in a bottle! or keep hybrids and save the Amazon or what is left of it ! 

stop stop stoooopp!!! 

This is not a way to think about a hobby! where is the fun part?? Who are those people? are they a different species? they must be!! They use a lot of strange words like p.p. formaldehyde, nitrofurantione and furazolidone things a simple minded person never understand unless you have a Ph.D. in chemicals and war fare!! oh you want fish  talk?? Well ok here we go!!! the big fish eats the small fish!! the smaller fish gather to either destroy the big fish or join them (if you can't beat them join them) Oops there I go again !! 

No .......................... (this is the part where silence came in only it is a bit tricky to visualize silence on a computer ,sorry)

It is plain simple !!  this part is for the cracks and the fun loving discus keeper !!
See how the small fry join their parents to eat . See how the parents change places to get rest or guard the primacies.
You see this is the fun part!! Every self respecting discus keeper deserve a change to see this!! It is beautiful!!
So instead of discourage the newbe's , slaughter them with expensive words and expensive (some times inferior fish)
point them in the right way. Tell them in simple words what they did wrong or and this is more important what they do right!!!  and to you breeders !!!Don't try to sell the sick fish first let them choose and tell them why it is a good or a bad  choice !! only sell good healthy fish !!  that is better for your reputation and better for the fish and or his new owner !!

Rob Charite

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