To be or not to be

To be or not to be


By Jim E. Quarles.

I love old shaky spear. He had a way with Beacon's words. Ha ha ha. But you ask what is this nut talking about. What I refer to is, to become successful in your hobby of discus keeping and to be happy and mostly worry free! Or not to be successful and not so happy about your hobby results.

I have noticed that as beginners, people who start with discus soon find the time worn information about their requirements; Clean Water, Good Healthy Food, and proper tank conditions with regard to other fish that can be kept with them, and in general keeping both the water proper and the tank clean at all times, to be true.

This is good, I repeat, good. But as they become a little more involved with the hobby they start hearing from others who are slightly more (advanced?) than themselves that it is alright to ignore some of the conditions it has taken since 1845 to learn and that has lead to the most successful programs for keeping and breeding these fish.

If you read a lot of the postings on the INTERNET and talk forums you will see all kinds of three and four or even five year " Experts " spewing a lot of nonsense about how you can ignore the ph, and how beefheart is damaging to your fish, and lots of other phony statements. In fact, if you take the time you can find that these " self styled experts " claim all kinds of success with all kinds of strange or crazy ideas that deviate from the accepted norm.

My advice is don't fall for all the claimed nonsense, stick to the tried and proven true methods used by the real discus experts not the Johnny come lately's. You will enjoy your hobby more and your fish will live longer and healthier lives.

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