What a fool am I

What a fool am I


What a fool am I
Discus Hans
June 25, 2000

Okay guys,

I've learned my lesson today, let it be a warning to you all. Here is a story you all will love. A customer of mine bought 1.5 years ago a small stingray, it grew very good and was now too big for his tank and he asked me to put it in one of my tanks in the shop to sell it for him. He brought it today and when I opened the cool box it was in, I saw a very nice stingray.

I've to tell you I got really no experience at all with these guys. It was around 35cm/14" round, without the tail, it looked like a real "sweety". Now I did hear some stories about the tail of the stingray, but the fool I am, I was thinking: "aaaah, what can he do to me when I hold him in front, far from the tail". Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! He can bend it to the side (very well) and believe me: all they tell about the tail, it's true.

The "sweety" stabbed his tail in my hand while I hold the sucker above the tank, man I guarantee you it hurts, it was bleeding not normal. After a few phone calls to some people who know more about stingrays, I understand I was in trouble. In the mean while the pain was going up from my hand, up to my lower arm, to my upper arm, believe me the pain was so bad, a moment I wished I was dead. Compare it with toot pain only 10x as bad. Somebody told me that it was a very good possibility that one of the stingers was left in my hand. The doctor gave me a shot of pain killer and cut the wounds more open to see if there was something left in my hand. "Lucky" me, there was nothing left in my hand, the doctor told me that if I'm lucky I will only get a small hole in my hand that will heal but I've to keep it open and let it close from the inside. And believe me: even with the very strong pain killers I'm using it hurts like $#%@% & @#@%^$. I really hope this is a good warning for all of you, use a net and never touch a stingray, I can tell you, I never will do it again, it's now 2.00 in the night and can't sleep of the pain,


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