Discus Soup

Discus Soup


How To Make Discus Soup.
By Jim E. Quarles

After keeping discus for well over fifty years, ( mostly healthy ) without wonder cures. I get a little concerned when I read a lot of nonsense both in print and on the Internet about hobbyists who advocate the use of chemicals and large doses of vitamins on discus for non-specific reasons.

These people mean well I am sure, it must be that they just have not been willing to accept the fact that untried and unproven mixtures in the discus tank almost always leads to death or disfigurement of the fish which result form breeding fish exposed to what I refer to as DISCUS SOUP.

Some people I know seem to think they are chemists and that unless their fish are regularly exposed to some kind of chemical or antibiotic they are doing their hobby wrong. In most cases all that would be required to produce and have happy healthy discus is to make sure the quality of their water is the best they can manage and the selection of food is considered next in importance to water parameters.

I recently read an article posted to a talk forum, where a person was trying to change the status of culls or runts by the use of massive amounts of vitamins then selling the victims of such experiments to people who were buying discus from them.


Parasites and Bacteria are as natural in tropical fish as water is sure to flow down hill when poured out. In fact parasites and bacteria are required to sustain life as most creatures know it.

The only time a hobbyist needs to be concerned with parasites or bacteria in their discus is if they become the cause of a specific disease or poor health condition. The Key word is (specific) disease or health problem. Not a shotgun treatment when you have no idea what you're treating for ( which I have found to be about 98 % ) of the cases I have seen.

The beginner in the discus hobby must be very careful that they are getting the factual and proven information that will make their entry into the hobby both enjoyable and long lasting. Don't believe anything you hear unless you can compare it to what is actually known about fish keeping and please become aware by reading a wide selection of books on the subject rather then picking up information on the Internet and discus forums. After all, you don't know beans about the person posting the advice you get. Some are quite experienced hobbyist. But a lot are not, but pretend to be after only a short time or no time in the hobby.

There is no chemical cure for making or keeping discus healthy, you will never find discus health in a bottle or pill. Discus health comes from simple common sense treatment of the fish. I like to call it ( Kiss ) ( keep it simple stupid ). Clean water changed frequently, good food, and super clean living conditions for the fish will take care of 99 % of the problems before they occur.

Then if you should encounter a problem, find out the Specific cause before treatment and use the simplest method that will stand the best chance of success in restoring the fish to health.

But for those who must make Discus Soup. Just add the following to your tanks and I can assure you the parasites and bacteria will be gone along with the fish.

Warning: the formula below will kill your fish


In concocting this mixture you need not pay too much attention to the exact amounts you add, since the fish will suffer and die quickly anyway.

A tad of the following for non-specific reasons.
Acriflavine, Copper sulfate pentahydrate, formaldehyde, furazolidone, gentamycin, Kanamycin, Malachite green, methylene blue, metronidazole, Nitrofuracin green, nitrofuranazone, penicillin vk 250,Sulfa 4 tmp powder Tetracycline hydrochloride. And don't forget a very large dose of human vitamins.

The above will do nicely for those who just must be adding stuff to keep their fish healthy and free of parasites. I am sure others out in discus land can add to the list above.

Please people just keep it ( KISS ) Don't fall into the trap of the phony experts and risk your own health and certainly the health of your discus.

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