Sexing Discus

Sexing Discus


How to sex discus for sure
(Male and Female Breeding Tubes)
By Luc Laureyssens

There is much discussion about 'sexing discus' but as I was told the only positive way to 'sex discus' is to see with your own eyes the breeding tubes of the fish. Since spawning discus are camera shy, I had to get these photos from two separate pairs of my fish. The female of one and the male from another.

The female in these photos is a Blue Diamond/Blue Cobalt who was paired with a Royal Blue male who was very camera shy and never let me get a good photo of him. The male in these photos is a Brown who was paired to a Pigeon female who was very camera shy and did not allow clear photos either.

From the large photos you can see how small the breeding tubes are compared to the overall size of the fish. The close up photos allow you to see what you will see when they spawn and if you are present at that time. This is the one absolute way to "sex discus". This does not indicate fertility of your discus, only the sex.

From the photo labeled "Male" you can see how thin and "pointed" the male tube is compared to the " blunt and wide " female tube in the photos labeled "Female".

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