Fin Rot Regeneration

Fin Rot Regeneration


Fin Regeneration in Discus
By Peter Lee

Tattered appearance to dorsal, anal, and caudal fins is due to "fin rot" which developed

immediately after being received in shipping May 2001 when this fish was less than 2" standard length.

Discus was treated for degenerating fins at that time - lesions healed and fish regained health quickly and grew to ~5.5" total length but it never lost the tattered appearance to its fins.

pre-procedure, in tank 3/9/02

caudal fin split to ~1.5cm from caudal peduncle - "forked"

anesthesized with tricaine, on table 3/9/02

immediately after revival, caudal fin clipped

edge view of clipped caudal fin, 3/9/02

caudal fin, 3/12/02

caudal fin, 3/15/02 

caudal fin, 3/18/02

caudal fin, 3/21/02

caudal fin, 3/24/02

caudal fin, 3/27/02

caudal fin, 3/31/02

caudal fin, 4/2/02

caudal fin, 4/8/02

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