By Serge Beaudoin
May 31, 2006

This is a very simple and low-cost project.

This Moonlight fixture is designed to be installed in the center part of the room ceiling for better simulation of natural Moonlight. It can be left ON all night or put on a timer.

I utilized a spiral fluorescent screw base light bulb for long life span and negligible heat emission.

* Fluorescent light bulb should not be replaced by a regular light bulb because an incandescent light bulb gives off too much heat resulting in the meltdown of the plastic planter thus creating a fire hazard.

Required materials:
1 Plastic flower planter / pot (min 10 inches / 25.4 cm diameter)
1 Plastic or porcelain light fixture
1 Spiral fluorescent blue bulb (13 watts)

Assembly instructions:

1) Cut out a hole in the bottom part of the flower planter that is a little larger than the light fixture, this insures good air circulation in the flower planter allowing for heat removal.

You can use the light fixture as a cutting guide.

*Do not cut out the bottom completely, leave some material to secure the flower planter to the ceiling.

2) Install the plastic or porcelain light fixture on an “Building code approved” light box.


Before installing the light fixture or electrical box, the electric power must be cut off.
If in doubt, have the electrical box and fixture installed by a certified electrician.

3) Secure the inverted plastic flower planter onto the ceiling.

4) Screw in the light bulb.

5) Turn ON light and enjoy.

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