Clean Frequent

Clean Frequent


Clean Frequent Massive Water Changes Equals
Healthy Discus Without Chemicals or Drugs
Beef heart No Vitamins Added

By Jim E. Quarles

As you can see by the pictures of the fish submitted with this article, good healthy discus are possible, in fact much more likely with just super good water management and simple food.

You don't need to be a ( Dow Chemical Engineer ) to raise lots of very healthy and well formed discus.

The fishes shown here, have never been exposed to enriched vitamin foods, any chemicals or drugs. Just simple clean water, a healthy diet, and lots of room to develop.

I firmly believe in the K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) method of keeping discus. The more you monkey around with chemicals, water additives, drugs and super food formulas the harder it will be for you to succeed.

Take a lesson from the world's best teacher: Mother Nature. Provide the basics and let the other stuff be used by those who only "Think they know what they are doing" with all the " New improved" methods of discus keeping.

If you do, you will have healthy discus, they will still be treating the sick fish they generated themselves.

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