When the Cat .....

When the Cat .....


when the cat crabs in
By: Rob Charite

Not long ago my wife and I decided to buy a cat and you know what happens if you let the youngsters come along !!!
Right.............. instead of one we bought two .
No not the usual cat but a maine coon an American breed that is.
Very funny cats, nice character and very well spoken ( for a cat ). It took him and her exactly two days to adjust to their new environment and show a special interest in the fish tanks !!

Later that night I decided to hit the shower after a nasty game of soccer to get the dirt from almost every body cavity (sorry for that). In the shower listening to my own beautiful voice chanting Marillion songs I noticed a scratching sound.

I opened the door and there he was !!

He looked at me as if he would say: move over a bit and I'll hit the shower as well !! The whole cat was wet accept for his tail.. By now you have to wonder what this has to do with discus and tanks for that matter ?? Well, I'll tell you.

It grew into a habit, showering with my cat and never a thought of the possibility that he adores water where ever it is !! So as usual I went to do the scheduled cleaning and water sessions !! When I bend over to clean the glass he always jumps on my back, lies down and looks over my shoulder as if he would say "nice fish ,eh and you've missed a spot!", the first red discus I bought I called king symphy (a cd sized red turquoise) so now I had a discus staring at the cat and visa versa . The next day doing the proper routines it went a little different. The cat on my back staring at symphy, king symphy staring at the cat !!! And then !!!!!!!! The cat jumped !!! Splashed in the middle of the tank, all the other discus where flying like hell, except king symphy.

The cat, used to water, thought that the tank water was "a nice change !!", and made a big mistake !! Right, his tail !! King symphy thought that that must be the biggest blood worm he ever had seen and jumped right on it !! The cat didn't think so, he saw king symphy as a potent "Jaws" and flew like hell to the other side of the room !! That is when I discovered one fish was missing !! Right again!! King symphy was still hanging on his tail persuading the cat that it was his bloodworm !!!! The scariest thought I ever had !! The king would die (again).
So I almost threw him back in the tank still having some hairs in his mouth !!
This was 2 years ago ! The cat is still looking at the tank and symphy is still looking back !!
I suspect them of communicating with each other and hatching a new plan to harass their slaves !!

Rob Charite

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