Catching Wild 2

Catching Wild 2


Catching Wild discus in 15 steps
Part 2

By: E. Hustinx
Translated by: Rob C. Walter S. & Fred G.

2 Viveiros of a fisherman in Tf, this is where they store and contain the fish.
The fisherman puts the caught discus in a floating container called Viveiros.
This Viveiros is a wooden container with openings in it to let fresh water pass.
The container's size is about 3 meters long, 2 meters wide and 2 meters deep.
This wooden container is tight between some floating logs and keeps the container's upper side about 30 centimeters above the water surface.
One Viveiros can contain about a 1000 discus.
Big Viveiros can contain up to 20 containers kept together and floating by different logs.
Such a Viveiros can be about 4 meters wide and 30 meters long and can contain up to 16000 discus.

They select the best and most beautiful discus and they need a day and a half or 2 days for that.
With the help of a thick rope and one or more boats they drag the Viveiros to the place of deliverance.
This could take weeks because of the slow speed they obtain.

The proud fisherman from Manacaparu proudly presents his fish from his Viveiros to Eric Hustinx.
One catch can contain a 100 discus.
The local fisherman tells us that the amount of fish is increasing rather then decreasing.
That the Amazon is over fished is certainly not true.

Discus selection in a combined viveiros of Purus by Eric Hustinx.

Discus selection in a combined viveiros of Tf by Eric Hustinx.

Discus selection in a combined viveiros of Anori by Eric Hustinx.

Fisherman's boats are moving the combined viveiros.

They prepare all the ordered fish in a daily routine.

At night the fish are packaged and contained by specialized people.

The isopur boxes are ready for deliverance at Hustinx Discus.

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