Catching Wild Discus 1

Catching Wild 1


Catching Wild discus in 15 steps
Part 1

By: E. Hustinx
Translated by: Rob C. Walter S. & Fred G.

In the Amazonian rain forest (the number one place for finding discus) the locals use 2 techniques to catch discus.

The smallest part will be caught between roots and branches while it is dark with the use of a flashlight and a round shaped net on a long stick.

The main (biggest) part is caught in artificially installed hot spots.

A few weeks before initiating the catch they install 4 sticks on the side of the river in the bottom.
Between the sticks, they insert branches in the water.
Soon the fish will accept that spot as a safe and secure place for them.
In the middle of the image you see such an artificially installed assembly place.

After a few weeks the fishermen use their wooden canoes to surround the assembly sight while releasing a floating trawler net.
The fish seeking shelter during this maneuver are completely surrounded without the possibility of escape.
After the spot is secured they remove the 4 sticks

The branches are removed as well.

They close the net tight and pull it in the boat.

While pulling the net in the boat the circle is getting smaller and smaller.

The fish caught will be assembled and sorted out.

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