Purchase a Discus

Purchase a Discus


If you want to keep discus fish it is important to start with healthy fish. It is very disappointing if you, at the start of your hobby, are confronted with diseases.

It is of importance that you buy your fish at a good aquarium shop, or better still, at a breeder.

Hereafter follow some tips to buy good and healthy fishes.

  • Take your time and inspect the discus fish for at least a quarter of an hour while they swim around leisurely.
  • Take care of the size of the fishes; an eight week old discus should have a length of approximately 4 cm (1 1/2in); a one year old discus fish is approximately 16 cm (6 in.) long from head to tail.
  • Discus fish have a circular body. Long drawn fish have a growth arrears or have been bred wrongly. A growth arrears can also be spotted by too long fins in comparison to the body and much too large eyes. Old fish tend to loose their circular form.

  • Fish that have been ill for a long time have a knife sharp back. They have sunken eyes and a sallow color.
  • Don 't buy fish that are shy and have a dark color.
  • Ask the shopkeeper to feed the fish. A healthy fish has a good appetite and is not afraid.


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