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[Brine Shrimp Automated Feeder]If you are working or want to go away for one day, and you have fry who need Baby Brine Shrimp, this is the solution. This will cost you not more than $ 5.00 or so.
The Do It Yourself Brine Shrimp Feeder.

Short working description:

  • Drop by drop clear water is falling down from
    upper bottle to the lower bottle.
  • Lower bottle will overflow.
  • The drops from the lower bottle contains
    Baby Brine Shrimp.
  • So you can feed Brine Shrimp for about
    8 to 10 hours with a 1L bottle.

This idea came from a Dutch Discus Breeder; Frans Quakernaat who is not always at home to feed the Fry Brine Shrimp. So he has made the following automated Brine Shrimp Feeder which cost about $ 5.00.


This is a simple feeding mechanism which contains the following materials:

  • 2 plastic bottle's
  • 1 plastic water tap
  • 1 air tube
  • 1 air stone
  • 1 tube (for overflow)
  • 1 hanging mechanism

The method works as follows: you fill the upper bottle with fresh water, through the water tap you can regulate the water drop speed from the upper bottle to the lower bottle. In the lower bottle you have salt water with freshly hatched baby brine shrimp until the tube does not overflow. Through the water drops from the upper bottle falling into the lower bottle, the lower bottle will be filled with water and therefore water with Brine shrimp will go through the overflow into the aquarium. This is tested and it works fine for this breeder and it is a good idea.

*Instead of using the upper bottle, you can also use a tube directly connected to a water tap.

*Instead of a water tap in the upper bottle you can make this a tube with a symphon and a water tap to get a greater pressure.

This article/picture is written/designed by Walter Soestbergen with permission of Frans Quakernaat.

Because the many questions about the same I will explain here more about the feeder.

Question and answer about Feeder:

Q. It seems like a great idea but is it a bad thing for the fish that you are going to be dumping almost a liter of brine water into the aquarium along with the baby shrimp?

A. You are right with the salt or not???

If you hatch the brine shrimp and do it in the lower bottle with a 1/2 Liter of salt water and a 1/2 L fresh water and the upper bottle filled with only fresh water I think the concentration of salt is a minimum.

But I talk on this page about Discus Fry and if we feed them this way or with the hand there will be also a salt concentration in the tank (with or without Brine Shrimp feeder). So we change daily 50% water in the tank (this is also good for the growing of the fry).

So I think you are not right because the fry eat much food (and make the tank dirty) the tank must be cleaned everyday.

Q. It just doesn't seem like it would be very good especially if you are feeding into a smaller tank where 1 liter of brine would result in a high concentration of salt.

A. And if you talk about a smaller tank the feeding will be much less (because there can not be so many fry in it) and you don't need a bottle of 1 Liter.

This is working on some tanks that have each, 400 L water in it, with +- 100 / 150 discus fry swimming in it. And it works fine :-))

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