Go Shopping
By: Walter Soestbergen

Hello All, This is a true story. I have changed the real names into fake ones :-)

Some years ago their was a member of Discus Club Holland cleaning his breeding tanks on a Saturday morning.

While he was ready with siphoning his tanks and begin to fill the first tank with water, his wife shout that there was coffee.
He ran from the stairs and drink some cups of coffee with his wife. After a while his wife asked him if he want go shopping with her.

He said off course I want that and so they go both shopping. After some hours they came home and when they opened the front door they hear drop drop drop drop.........

What have you done shouted the wife, I don't now said Tim. You forgot the filling of your tanks. And indeed he has forgotten that he was busy with filling his tanks. From the attic till the bottom floor everything was wet. They have been cleaning and drying for one week so wet was everything. 

There is also one good side about this story. He never fills his tank automatic anymore. This was one experience for the rest of his life.


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