Family Feud

Family Feud


Family Feud.
By Jim E. Quarles

I recently decided to put a sound recording device on one of my discus tanks, and I am glad I did, because I recorded the most interesting discus family feuds that I was totally unaware of.

The first voice heard was one of the larger young fry. "But dad, I am big enough now!". The father, "no son you are not". "You must be crazy to even think of such a thing!".

Your mother and I have told you kids time after time, that story is just that, a story, nothing more, there is no truth to it. Baby fry, "But dad, I talked to Johnny discus down stream and he says his uncle Bill was there and it's true!". Daddy discus, "son you know that Johnny's uncle eats to much Algae and tells such wild tales who can believe anything he says?".

Jr. says " I also looked on the computer as the collection boat went by and it said that certain human people agree and that it perfectly alright to go there!".

Son I keep trying to tell you it's all a myth, you belong right here where we are. " THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ALKALINE WATER IN THE AMAZON, IT'S ALL A MYTH, BELIEVE ME YOU BELONG IN ACIDIC WATER!".

And son, even if you could find some alkaline water to do it in, the preacher down stream says it will cause you to go blind, and if you do to much of it, it will make hair grow on your pectoral fins.

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